July 22, 2024
10 Things to Consider When Evaluating Used Mobile Homes for Sale

Evaluating used mobile homes for sale can be time-consuming — but if you find the right one — it can be a financially-sound decision for buyers on a tight budget or those who need a temporary housing solution. While there are several sources to begin your search, such as dealer websites, Craig’s List and eBay, one of the best ways is to just do a “Google” search. An example of a good search would be “used mobile homes for sale in Minnesota,” that is, if you live in Minnesota.

According to a recent report, approximately 9 million people currently live in a manufactured home, and that number is likely to increase until the economy improves. If you’re thinking a used singlewide or doublewide might be appropriate for your situation, following are 10 things to keep in mind.

  1. The cheapest used mobile homes for sale are not necessarily the best. You might not pay much up front, but it will end up costing you in repairs down the road.
  2. If any of the used mobile homes for sale are older than 1978, be sure to check with your local building code agency. Building codes have changed drastically over the past few decades any many of the older  homes will be in violation of local code.
  3. Make sure the home you’re looking at fits your lifestyle. Don’t get hung up on a certain model, as it’s more important that you have an adequate number of bedrooms and bathrooms, among other things.
  4. Check for water damage as this is quite common with older homes. Check for stains in the ceiling and on the walls. Look under the kitchen and bathroom cabinets for signs of leaking. If there’s been a leak, there’s a good chance the wood underneath is rotting and/or moldy.
  5. Check for faulty electrical systems, especially in used mobile homes that are older than 25 years. Re-wiring is very expensive, and faulty wiring is dangerous.
  6. Ideally, the homes you are looking at will have 2-by-6-inch walls rather than 2-by-4 or even 2-by-3. The reason you want 2-by-6-inch walls is the entire home is more sturdy and there will be less sagging over time. A used mobile home built with thicker walls usually has higher ceiling and standard-height doorways, giving the home a much more spacious feel. A mobile home built with plywood or OSB (oriented-strand board) as the external sheathing with make stronger walls.
  7. Regardless of where you live, only consider used mobile homes for sale that have efficient heating, and is some areas, reliable air conditioning. In colder climates, look for heating and air vents around the room’s edges rather the ceiling. In hotter climates, look for the opposite.
  8. Insulation is important in any climate. Be sure the home is insulated for your climate. A Zone 1 rating is what you need for the coldest climates. Be sure to check under the belly to make sure the insulation isn’t dropping out. In many cases, especially with used homes, you may need to reinsulate and belly wrap the bottom. Also make sure there is adequate ventilation.
  9. Check with an insurance company before you buy. Some used manufactured homes may not be insurable for one reason or another. Check and be sure.
  10. Find out in advance what is included with the various used mobile homes for sale. If you’re buying a used mobile home with the intention of moving it to your lot or park, find out if transportation, foundation, skirting or tie-downs are included or optional.