June 22, 2024

Think about your life if you had no fear of the future, no judgment about others or yourself, and no resistance to new experiences. Wouldn’t that be a great world?

Linda Howe in How To Read The Akashic Records discusses, in addition to her main topic, three powerful rules: Fear Not, Judge Not, Resist Not. Each one is a reminder of our essence. Fear interferes with accepting our goodness. Judgment interferes with understanding that we can only make choices for ourselves, not others. Resistance interferes with allowing our growth. Which one of the three is the biggest challenge for you?

We tend to have many fears: fear of the future, fear of being alone, and fear of our separation from God. Remember that everything happens for a reason and all situations happen for our highest good. Whatever event confronts us is a learning lesson. Fear only serves to stop our growth. Think about whatever person, emotion, situation or event you fear. What if you refused to allow that feeling to persist? Might you be happier?

Judging others seems easy when we are less than pleased with ourselves. Have you noticed that when you are most unhappy, you are most critical of those around you? Take a look at that aspect of your life and, if it occurs, change it. Remember that our role in life is not to choose for other people. Each individual must do that for him or herself. Our role is to focus on ourselves and our decisions. Remember to put your energies there.

While many of you are compassionate towards others and refrain from criticism, what about your view of yourself? This is the second aspect of judgment – judging oneself. We must not be disparaging towards ourselves. That is judgment. That is finding fault with our own choices. If we judge ourselves too harshly, we aren’t accepting our own spiritual guidance. Think about that statement. Too often, we do not accept our own talents and gifts. If we make bad choices, we have the responsibility to change them. We don’t have the luxury of disapproval, which is a waste of time and a refusal to admit that as humans we aren’t perfect all of the time. What if you refused to engage in judgment of others and of yourself? Might you be happier?

Resistance is about not being open to change. If you are uncomfortable with the discussion of fear and judgment, or find that neither applies to you, perhaps this is the issue to consider. Rejecting a part of yourself or another person, who may be teaching you a lesson, stops the energy flow. A spiritual life requires an enthusiasm for new ideas and adventures. Resistance locks us into repeating patterns with no movement and the same, often times, less than successful results. What if you encouraged new experiences and ideas as they confront you? What if you allowed yourself to accept new challenges and people in your life? Might you be happier?

Fear Not, Judge Not, Resist Not. They are all connected and they cover most of our concerns. Look within to see which one meets the most resistance. Focus on that. Reminding ourselves daily of these three rules helps us progress on our spiritual journey.