July 15, 2024
A Must-See Destination for Wrestling Fans in OKC – National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum is located inside the campus of the Oklahoma State University. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum is considered to be a pilgrimage for the thousand wrestling fans based in United States and also around the world.

Wrestling is considered to be the oldest form of sport. Originating from the ancient land of Greece and then shifting its base to Rome, the sport of wrestling has a long historical background and therefore this museum was dedicated to wrestling in the year 1976. At present the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum features various collections, archives, records, statues and also various jerseys.

All these collections, records, photographs and jerseys enlighten the wrestling fans regarding the evolution of the sport of wrestling through the passage of time. The most interesting fact about this museum is that since it is dedicated to the sport of wrestling, this museum features collections, prizes, trophies and medals from all sorts of wrestling competitions – domestic, regional, national and international.

The museum doubles the role as a hall of fame. It means that this museum acknowledges the contribution of the former and retired wrestlers. The retired and the former wrestlers are inducted into the hall of fame keeping in mind their good old days when these same wrestlers used to be invincible. A unique feature of this Hall of Fame is the “Wall” where the famous wrestlers are made immortal for the coming generations to see. At present the “Wall” comprises of six walls.

This wrestling hall of fame and museum contains eleven rooms, each featuring various collections dedicated to wrestling. The museum covers both Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling as well as sections dedicated to the female wrestlers. Perhaps no other country has a separate museum dedicated to only wrestling. This national wrestling hall of fame and museum is a must see for lovers of wrestling.