June 22, 2024

The east African country of Kenya lies on the shore of the Indian Ocean with the country of Somalia in the north east and Tanzania in the south, with the other neighbors of Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda in the northeast, south, and west respectively. Before the arrival of white foreigners to the country that started with Arab traders and German missionaries sometime in the 1800s, the main inhabitants of Kenya used to the important tribal people of Masai and Kikuyu. With the formation of the British East Africa Company in the late 19th century, leading to the creation of the East African Protectorate, and subsequently the formation of the colony of Kenya, the clashes between the indigenous people and the colonizers arose, creating a lot of disturbance. Black and against white became the major issue regarding all matters of legislation and lifestyle, which finally ended politically, with some sort of peace arrangement, with the nation’s independence in 1963.

Today apart from developing as a trade and financial hub in the east Africa region, Kenya’s main importance lies in its tourism. With some of the best national parks or forests in the world, with an abundance of characteristic African plants and animal, including lions, zebras, giraffes, etc, Kenya sits high up on the priority list of the global traveler. The annual wildebeest migration to Serengeti from the region of Masai Mara is thought to be one of the biggest natural spectacular phenomena of the world. Bookings for the same, especially for viewing from hot air balloons in the sky, are done months in advance. Kenya’s amazing beaches, especially those in the historic port city of Mombasa make excellent holiday destinations in their own rights.

For the sports enthusiast, the nation has on offer fine golf courses in every major urban zone. Kenya is also famous for its variety of artifacts, which carry the distinctive stamps and styles of the tribe making them. The country produces amazing carvings of Kisii or soap stone, jewelry, Mkonde wood carvings, Lamu chairs, and even batiks. The capital city of Nairobi has one of the biggest known tribal markets in the world.

As far as eating is concerned, Nairobi is one of the best destinations in the continent. With the country’s history speckled with the influence of many cultures, religions, and nations, the cuisine available is bound to be rather interesting. While staying in Kenya, one could look for the offbeat, yet very popular custom of ‘homestay’. This proves inexpensive, at the same time offering the tourist a great insight into the customs and culture of the local people. Before setting out for Kenya, one thing should be absolutely mandatory. And that is, getting protective shots to keep oneself away from dengue, malaria, or yellow fever. For anyone wishing to sample Kenya’s assortment of festivals and events, the Maralal International Camel Derby with tremendous adventure, fun, and entertainment values in the town of Maralal in the month of July, and the Mombasa Carnival with its traditional religious and cultural dances and programs in Mombasa in the month of November, would be perfect.