July 22, 2024
A Vacation in Saint Martin or Sint Maarten – An Experience of a Lifetime

Vacation in Saint Martin means ultimate leisure and unlimited fun. The co-existence of two different cultures in St Martin for over 350 years has added to the island’s attractions. The northern side of the island is occupied by the French, while the southern part belongs to the Dutch. But, the best thing is that travelers can freely roam around in the island – there is no check point between the Dutch territory of Sint Maarten and the French Collectivity of Saint Martin.

Though the interpretation of ‘vacation’ varies from person to person, Sint Maarten or Saint Martin is one place that has something in store for everyone. A vacation in Saint Martin ensures quality time with your family and friends. Vacation in Saint Martin means exploring nature’s beauty and doing things you have never done before. Both parts of the island are well-developed and have their unique charm with several rental properties to meet your requirements.

In fact, living in a Caribbean beach front rental is probably the best way to feel the aura of the place. Well furnished bedrooms offering awesome ocean view, decorated patios, fully equipped bath and kitchen, living room with home theater, WI-fi internet, computer, video games and game rooms, private swimming pool, spa, private beach access, tennis courts, golf ground, manicured garden all around call for a wonderful and relaxing vacation.

Caribbean vacation rentals are not just a place to stay; they are a way of life. You can spend your days here in complete leisure pampering yourself as much as possible. In the morning take leisurely walks along the beach or lie in a hammock or soak in the sun. Both adults and children will love Dawn Beach located on the Dutch side. The beach not only offers picturesque view of sunrise but also popular for snorkeling.
If you want a day out full of adventure visit Grand Case. This is a center of water sport activities and boating in the sea. Once you are tired of all kind of activities, treat yourself at any of the numerous eateries and restaurants in Grand Case. French food found in the nearby restaurants taste superb. You can also taste spicy Indian-Caribbean dishes available here.

Board the Seaworld Explorer, a semi-submarine that takes you deep into the wonderland of colorful corals and fish beneath the water.

The Butterfly Farm is a must see for kids. Watching thousands of butterflies (in a huge netted enclosure) in one place, flickering all over, sometime resting on flowers and even on your shoulder is a wonderful experience. Guided tour in the farm educates kids about the life cycle of this beautiful creature.
Day trips to neighboring islands like Saba are rewarding. Their scenic beauty is a bonus added to exciting motorboat rides and scuba diving.

Take a guided hiking tour to Pic du Paradis, the highest point of the island located on hilly region in French Saint Martin. The picturesque hiking trails take you into the canopied tropical forest, offering a closer look to the island’s rich flora and fauna.

Shopping is duty free in the island. Shopaholics will love the Dutch side capital Philipsburg for its exquisite jewelry, handicrafts and leather items. Browse the boutiques on Front Street for unique designer items. Bargain with vendors in the vibrant marketplaces on Back Street. Browse outdoor markets on French side for clothing, cosmetics and perfumes.

Adults will love the nightlife in St Maarten. Vibrant discotheques, bars offering exotic drinks and casinos all around to try your luck – the nights in St Martin are equally busy as the days here.

In short, this tropical paradise is the ideal destination for a refreshing summer vacation.