July 15, 2024
Appalachian Vineyard Flooring – Wine Name But Hardwood Floors

When Anderson Hardwood Floors puts time into making a new product line they think things through. Consumers asked for wider plank flooring with some distressing and a real “vintage” look. Appalachian Vineyard collection was the answer Anderson thought the whole country deserved, and they were right. Then the designers at the Anderson Design Center in Clinton, SC went to work creating the most beautifully hand distressed and hand stained hardwood products. The whole collection is absolutely breathtaking.

The main focus of the Appalachian Vineyard collection is the three maple colors available. The maple planks as well as the whole collection come in 6-1/2″ wide engineered construction. As well as being 6-1/2″ wide the Vineyard collection is distressed for the vintage or worn look that home owners have come to enjoy. In the maple the three colors are Vineyard Maple Chablis, Vineyard Maple Madera, and Vineyard Maple Chateau. All three have colors of wine related products and really appeal to high end consumers.

The next two products offered in the Vineyard collection from Anderson are the distressed hickory products. Hickory is the hardest domestic specie ranging in hardness from 1800 – 2300 psi on the Janka scale. This product on average is 30-50% harder than American oak products. Add that to a wide plank distressed real hickory wood veneer and you have got a dynamite hardwood floor that you and your guests will love discussing over a nice glass of wine and cheese. In the Appalachian Vineyard hickory products the two colors are Vineyard Hickory Cabernet and Vineyard Hickory Tuscany. Both colors are outstanding visually and will add significant value to your home.

Last but certainly not least is my personal favorite, the Vineyard Fumed Birch Pomerol. When you see this hardwood flooring product your bottom lip will actually drop. The fuming process brings out so many colors and marbles the wood grain so well that you will never find another floor that looks that this one. The fuming and distressing process creates a work of art right on your floor with tons of color variation. This floor will definitely be the talk of the cocktail party.

Appalachian Vineyard flooring comes backed by a brand new 50 year finish warranty. This is the longest finish warranty in the hardwood flooring industry to date. Put that together with a trusted name in flooring like Anderson hardwood floors and you could not go wrong. All of the distressing is done by hand as well as hand rubbed staining process. Vineyard hardwood is a classic addition to any home so find a sample today and start living the dream.