June 22, 2024

Although it is difficult to narrow down the list to just three things to see in Aruba, it can be done. This is because there is so much this Caribbean island has to offer other than white sandy beaches and gorgeous weather. If you have to see just a few things during your stay in Aruba, there are the top 3 things to see. Not seeing these wonders will make your vacation incomplete. These are the Natural Bridge, the Natural Pool and Spelunking, which is another term for caving. The reason these are great sights to see is because they all are natural to the island.

When people go on vacation, they always want to look for the things to see in the area. When it comes to Aruba, one of those things to see is the Natural Bridge. When you are in Aruba, you might hear people calling it the New Natural Bridge. That is because the original one was destroyed in 2005 because of waves. The reason it is on the top 3 things to see list is because it is so interesting to see a natural bridge. When most people think of bridges, they think of man-made structures. Although you cannot see the original bridge that stood over 25 feet, there are plenty of smaller natural bridges that will give you a great picture.

Another thing on the top 3 things to see list in Aruba is the Natural Pool. It is called the Cura di Tortuga and was created by rock formations, as well as hardened lava. The great thing about the natural pool is that you actually can swim in it. This is a gathering spot for people who like to look at the ocean but do not really feel safe swimming in such an open place. Most tourists get to the pool either on horseback or with rented ATVs.

The reason that spelunking, or caving, is on the top 3 things to see list is because the caves in Aruba are so spectacular. If you never have been in a cave before, Aruba is the place to see them. There are huge rock formations that can reach 100 feet deep. This is because of the waves over time. These have been in Aruba for thousands of years, so you would be experiencing history.