July 15, 2024
Barbados Beaches Perfect For a Getaway Vacation

A lot of people fancy a time in a secluded island surrounded with coconuts, a great sun and fantastic environments, but the most of them think this trip can be only a pretty dream because they seem that a traveling to an island would be more expensive than any vacation they have done before. This is not really the case. If you want to spend some precious time with your family, friends, or a loved one in a faraway island, the Barbados beach is one place you can consider. Forget all about the expenses that other people said they have spent when they visited this enchanting place. You can get to Barbados in half of your estimated budget.

Generally speaking, Barbados is an island with peaceful beaches everywhere. It is placed in the Atlantic coastline and has been one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. The main attraction of the island is its soft, warm, and quiet beaches. The white sand against the waters is the perfect complement for the blue and calm waves.

Privacy is the main reason why most people opt for the Barbados beach for family getaways or honeymoons. The beaches are open to the public and most of the properties, villas, and vacation beach homes are within a stone throw away from the waters. This makes the beaches easily accessible from your place of stay.

Vacationing families can choose from hotels, beach vacation rentals and other properties to occupy during their stay. Beach home rentals and condominiums are the best choices though if you are on a budget. While this may require you to walk a few yards toward the shore, it is still an excellent way to distribute your budget, saving on your accommodation expenses to have a more money for going to nice restaurants and other places.

The Barbados beach is a great place for family activities such as swimming and almost all types of water sports. Aside from that, travelers would also enjoy nature hiking and trekking. Sports such as golf, tennis, and cycling can be enjoyed in the island as well.

Off-season travelers can avail of great discounts if they choose to schedule their travel during such time. The peak season of the Barbados beach resorts is from December to April. However, try to stay clear from June until October, because hurricanes normally hit the area during such time.

Food and drinks are offered sumptuously within the island as well. But the best way to save on your tab is to settle for fresh fruits and home prepared breakfast and snacks. Dining out for lunch and dinner is okay but try to do it less frequently. Just choose the perfect time to taste the delicacies of the island. Fresh mango and banana are still the perfect morning meals. There are also fresh supplies of sea foods and salt-water fish from the local market – and also consider that going to the market will show you how locals live. Capitalize on them to make your dinners at your rented beach home as exclusive as the one spent at a local restaurant.

As for the drinks, keep in mind that Barbados is a country of rums. So if you drink, is better to get a bottle at the local shops. Forget the champagnes and the martinis for a while. They are drastically expensive in the island. Instead, visit a pub during the happy hours and get a bottle of rum for only $30 or so. Beer is also available, with the six-pack available for less than $10.