June 22, 2024

The depleting conventional energy sources across the world have created a need and demand for alternative sources of energy, which are renewable in nature. Renewable sources of energy can satisfy our electricity needs in our daily life. One such form of renewable energy is the solar energy which can be used to make energy at home.

Advantages of making energy at home:

1) Lesser dependence on the existing source of electricity
2) Savings on your energy bill up to an extent of 80% every month
3) Very low start-up cost to install the energy system that can make energy at home
4) The project can be done by yourself in less than two days to generate electricity
5) Uninterrupted electricity for your home or business and it is environmental friendly.

Key components required to generate electricity using Solar Energy:

1) Solar panels
2) Rack Mounting Array
3) DC disconnect Array
4) Battery Bank
5) Charge Controller
6) System Meter
7) Inverter
8) Main DC disconnect
9) AC Breaker Panel
10) Kilowatt-Hour Meter
11) Backup Generator

Sources of Information on key component availability, Pricing and Installation Methods:

There are different sources from where the information pertaining to the key components, prices etc can be obtained from. One of the sources is Internet from where lots of information can be gathered and the project “how to make energy at home” can be kick started. But the limitation is you are overloaded with the content which may be redundant to complete the project.

The second option is you can go for ready-made built solar energy system and get it installed at the home. But this can prove to be a very costly, As the whole idea of the project to make energy from home is on DIY model at a much lesser cost rather than installing a ready-made system to generate electricity, which is a costly proposition.

The third option is to find out a quality manual which is designed in such a way that it will take through step by step process from the scratch and is also supported by video tutorials so that even a non professional can understand and build the project on his own. But it comes with a cost apart from the cost of the project. The major advantage of getting trained with these manuals is that they are written by experts and save lot of time and money helping you to save money from overspending.