July 22, 2024
Become Aware and Learn the Wisdom From These Ageless Spiritual Travelers

These great spiritual beings are able to travel numerous worlds of creation. They travel in their soul body via the audible life stream, the soul body which is our true eternal divine self.

They teach these ancient spiritual teachings, the most direct path to God via the Ancient Science of out of Body Soul Travel. The followers of these teaching are able to reach their spiritual goal returning back to the God head here in this life time.

This can be accomplished only when the individual followers accepts the teachings in good faith and also accepts the living master with sincerity. At the right spiritual moment for the follower the master will connect the individual soul body to the audible life stream. The soul body, our true divine self then is able to make its journey back beyond the lower worlds back to the source of all creation to the God head.

The audible life stream can be heard as sound and seen as light by our spiritual sight and hearing. Also this life stream originated at the source of creation in the heart of God. From the heart of God, this wave descends downward, creates and sustains all life and worlds. The returning wave returns back to its original source. The individual soul bodies that are spiritually ready will then at this point be connected to this wave to make their journey back into the center where this mighty wave originated.

These ancient teachings are still being taught by these great masters to their followers. These ageless teachings originated from the heart God. The main message is to return souls back to its true home in the true God worlds.

Because of certain unsafe conditions during our history on earth the teachings had to be withdrawn from the outer state and taught in the inner state by the inner master to the student. This was accomplished in the dream state. At this moment in our history the teachings have been brought back out to the public.

The followers of these teachings must accept the spiritual master as their spiritual guide and also accept the tenets of the teachings.

Doing the spiritual exercises on a daily routine you will then begin to have the freedom to leave you physical body under the protection of the inner master. You will then travel in your soul body which is your true divine self. These soul travels may take you to any of the many number of inner worlds. There you may meet other spiritual beings.