July 22, 2024
Belize Vacation Packages – Central American Charm

I often ask myself the question, ‘Why is Belize not more popular than what it already is?’ This is a tough one to answer, and there may be a few valid reasons why not. Let me however say that a Belize vacation package is one of the most exciting trips that you can consider planning and one of my favourite destinations in the world. Here’s why I think it should in reality be a wildly popular holiday destination.


This is still one of the foremost beach destinations that you are likely to find in the Americas. Its coastline is not in the Pacific Ocean, but rather in the Altlantic Ocean. It has miles and mile of beautiful long stretches of white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. The relative close vicinity to the equator also causes the temperatures to be very attractive all year round. Imagine sipping on the cocktail while you are soaking up the rays on the beach…?

Cultural Sites and Attractions

The Maya civilization is a very well known historic civilization and was very advanced for their time period. They left behind all sorts of interesting historical sites and temples which make for great sightseeing opportunities as part of your Belize vacation package. Make sure to include in your list the palaces, temples and other ceremonial centers.


If you’re done with all the sightseeing and perhaps want to take a break from your diving and beach activities, consider going inland. The forests, rivers and caves have bedazzled visitors for many years now. Take some time for a hiking tour in the forest where you will see a diverse range of wildlife and especially some colourful and interesting bird species. This is just the thing you need to spice up your Belize vacation package.

All these things considered, it’s quite astonishing that Belize is not on top of many traveller’s ‘to-go-to’ list. On second thought, perhaps that is a good thing. This mere fact has contributed to the idea that many parts of the country are still untouched by the commercial influence found on other islands across the globe. So the best advice would be to get there before it really catches on to the rest of the crowd. The bottom line is that a Belize vacation package will leave you booking your follow up trip very soon!