June 18, 2024

Chinyere G. Madugba, an educationist, co-ordinates several spirit-filled ministries with her husband. Prominent among these are Spiritual Life Outreach, Outreach Christian Books and Resource Centre, Ministers Prayer Network, The West African School of Missions, The Caleb International and the Women Intercessors for the Church and Nations (also known as The Wailing Women). We are indebted to this Nigerian writer for her timeless book, the contents of which should be incarnated in every Christian.


It is echoed throughout the text that brokenness is an indubitable requirement for anyone who wants to be used by God. This state in which the sinner, born again into God’s family is spiritually refined from an uncouth state to a humble, meek and godly personality involves giving the Holy Spirit complete entrance into every area of one’s life. Although it is a painful state of the heart, it is viewed as the only way to true spiritual power. Pruning is like organized destruction done by God as we submit to Him. Madugba (like Duewel) asserts that judgement is the result of one’s unwillingness to allow God to have His way. Twenty-one benefits associated with being broken are discussed. The Word of God tops the list of ten instruments God Himself uses to chisel out rough edges. One clearly sees him/herself in one of the twenty six evidences of an unbroken life. Madugba argues that if a life is broken, it is incontrovertible that it would clearly understand God’s working pattern. Brokenness is gradual rather than instantaneous. This text should be in the library of every sober Christian worker who wants to advance in the spiritual journey.

“We also need to know that pruning does not necessarily mean removing what is bad. It involves cutting away the good and even the better so that we might enjoy God the best. This is God’s desire for us.”
“There is no place in the whole Bible where God promised us a trouble-free journey to heaven, a journey without pains, hassles and problems of life”

In an invaluable book that deeply stirs one’s heart, she revamped sound biblical teachings of the consecrated life that are little emphasized by contemporary Nigerian writers.

An invaluable treasure that show how to expunge the dross in one’s life enabling both young and old to live a victorious Christian life.