July 15, 2024
Broom Boats Review: Broom 395

The Broom 395 is an outstanding little cruiser. Upon viewing it, I was expecting it to be a little bigger. However, once aboard, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Broom have used the space on this boat.

It has a relatively large swim platform that leads up to a quite spacious deck. Underneath the seating are large compartments for storage. The trick Broom has pulled off beautifully here is to include large storage space in quite a compact area. The additional bonus is that it does not look like there’s much room for storage, and takes very little away from the leather seating on the deck.

At the helm in the cockpit you have everything you would expect for navigation; sonar, radio package and a chart plotters table. One of the issues I had with the lay out of the cockpit was the shortage of leg space. Annoyingly Broom have placed a fire extinguisher under the steering wheel. While I can understand the logic behind this, practically, it gets in the way of your legs having adequate room.

The finishing is immaculate, and it carries Broom’s trademark stainless steel arches. The interior has a beautiful cherry oak finish – really giving you the feel of luxury. The soft white leather upholstery and pure ceiling panels complement this effortlessly.

There are clever little touches too. The settee table has raised edges to prevent things slipping off. The salon also has side and roof windows that open – enabling you to get a blast of fresh sea air as you enjoy the luxury interior.

Performance wise, you can get a single or double engine for your 395. Twin D6 Volvo engines – the 330hp versions, powered the Broom 395 I saw. Giving a top speed of 27 knots.

Overall I was incredibly impressed with the Broom 395. It’s a compact cruiser that still manages to give you a profound sense of luxury.

Where to buy Broom Boats?

Broom Boats are a company based in the county of Norfolk, England. They have six main dealers. One, Norfolk Yacht Agency, is based in their home county. The other five are based in Nottinghamshire, Berkshire and Hampshire – with two abroad in Ireland and Holland.

Depending on where you are, it generally makes sense to go for the nearest supplier. However, with Broom Boats based in Norfolk, there is more choice if you can get there – and I would certainly recommend it.