February 27, 2024

As everyone surely knows, cashmere is a soft fabric made out of the wool of the Cashmere goat, which is a long-haired breed raised mainly in Tibet and China, but also can be found in the Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan and Turkey. Some of the cashmere from the goats is collected as they shed their wool down but also people shear them. The best cashmere comes out from the wool collected from their underbelly or throat. In those areas the wool is softer than the rest.

There are many types of clothing made from cashmere, such as cashmere sweaters, scarves, blazers, gloves, dresses and even coats. Cashmere is usually white, gray or brown, but it can also be dyed into every color. It is also known as one of the most luxurious fiber in the world. It is a fiber that “breathes”, in comparison to other fabrics, such as acrylic fibers, which is a man-made fiber. Another good thing about cashmere wool is that it’s slow to ignite and it has a low static quality.

Most people prefer cashmere clothing because the fabric is soft and also absorbs humidity which makes the clothes ideal for any season or climate. It is also popular because it can be used for both men and women clothing. Cashmere sweaters for men come in many styles, such as v-neck and crew neck. The most popular men’s cashmere sweater is the crew neck because it goes well with a shirt underneath and it can be used for a casual or business wear.

Cashmere sweaters for women can come also in different styles, such as round-necks, v-necks, turtle necks, boat necks, polo necks. Mostly the same types for both genres when it comes to the types of neck line of the sweater. Cashmere is also popular because it’s one of the few fabrics that keep warm and is also light and comfortable to wear.

Cashmere sweaters, along with most clothing made from cashmere are also pretentious, because they usually must be washed by hand and with care, as many people advice, with cold water and using a fine washable soap. Of course this can differ but mainly it is recommended to follow the washing instructions on the label. And because everything has at least one disadvantage, cashmere wool has its flaws. It usually tends to shrink, that’s why the recommendation of hand washing and it’s also attacked by moths, more than other types of fabrics, so it’s best to treat your cashmere clothes with a moth repellent.