June 18, 2024

Have you ever given someone a personalized gift? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. I’m not proposing that you hand make a gift. What I’m referring to takes minutes to do, is very affordable and you don’t even need to leave your home. Anyone can go buy something pre-manufactured on a store shelf. But, when you take the time to put thought into the gift by personalizing it, really shows the recipient that they are thought of. Personalized custom gifts designed by you or ready to purchase custom items might be the solution for you.

A personalized gift does have to break the bank, there are items starting at only $2, which includes worldwide shipping!

The design possibilities are endless! A grandchild’s photo on a mug for grandma, a family pet on a watch, a favorite painting on a wall clock.

The sky is the limit on occasions as well! Imagine having a personalized gift to give for Valentines day, such as a heart shaped custom Italian charm watch for under $13 shipped! Matching custom t-shirts for a child’s birthday party. Personalized mugs for an office party. Custom personalized gifts for a wedding, or a baby shower!! Whatever special event is happening in your life, you can make it your own unique personalized gift to give.

Now a days, there are many different categories to choose from, so that you can shop for everyone on your list and for any occasion.

The steps to create your personalized gift are simple:

*Very important: Plan ahead so that you will have enough time to find the perfect picture and ample time to wait for delivery.

Step 1: Choose an item that would make the perfect gift.

  • Jewelry: earrings, necklace, watch, dog tag, Italian charm bracelet, cuff links, jewelry bag, money clip watch
  • Bags: tote bag, handbags, handbag hanger, mini coin purse, mini makeup bag
  • Clothing hoodie, t-shirts, intimate apparel, maternity t-shirts, BBQ apron, neckties, belt buckle, dog t-shirt
  • Housewares: wall clock, cushion case, hand towel, face towel, doormat, mugs, framed tile, glasses cloth, jewelry case clock, mini fleece blanket, ornaments, porcelain plate, tile coaster, rubber coaster, throw pillow case, night luminous mug
  • Office: mouse pad, letter opener, net book case, travel alarm clock, travel mug, USB flash drives
  • Business: business card holder, desk clock, pen holder, pen holder desk clock, pencil case
  • Sports: kids baseball jersey, baseball hats, 3-in-1 golf divot, golf ball marker hat clip
  • Gaming: NDS lite case, PSP case, playing cards, poker chip card guard
  • Miscellaneous: teddy bear, jigsaw puzzle, sleeping mask, key chain, key chain watch, bottle opener key chain, buttons & magnets, car window sign, cigarette money case, classic 20-CD wallet, compact camera leather case, digital camera leather case, flip top lighter, hip flask wallets, money clip, nail clippers key chain, greeting cards, multi-purpose cards, postcards, bumper stickers

Step 2: Locate a high quality photo that your recipient is sure to love. If you don’t have one, simply search the Internet by typing: public domain images or check wikipedia creative commons for public domain images. Public domain images are legal to use and does not infringe upon any ones copyright.

Step 3: Purchase your item and send in your design requirements.

Step 4: Wait for your item to be delivered. That’s it!

Think outside the box and give that special person in your life something that no one else has. Because when it’s created by you, from the heart, chances are it’ll be a one of a kind item!

Many people think that custom personalized gifts aren’t cheap, but they can be, if you know where to look. Look no further, visit the link below to get started.