June 18, 2024

Tee-Off to Sundown and Everything in Between

It takes a special person to be such an avid golfer that they are prepared to devote entire vacations to the sport. It is for these individuals that extensive golf vacations have been packaged – from the lavish and luxurious to the much less expensive and low-frill. Where you decide to take your next golf vacation depends on how much you are willing to shell out. Once you set a budget, you may find more options than you knew existed. Whether you’re looking for domestic or international travel, cheap golf vacations can be found in either category if you know where to look.

Travel Destinations Not Known for Golfing Vacations

When you picture a golf vacation, your mind may wander to a Hawaiian sandy beach and the song of sea gulls and waves crashing on the rocks below you. You don’t have to be in a tropical climate to make for an enjoyable golf game, though. Consider a destination you might not think is known for its golf courses, like Atlantic City. There are twelve golf courses in Atlantic City, NJ and each has its own characteristics that make it unique. Vineyard Golf at Reault Winery allows you to enjoy your game with picturesque views of vines growing flavorful grapes. When you are done with your game, venture to the restaurant or the tasting room for some post-game refreshments. This place gives a new meaning to the traditional 19th Hole.

Another unlikely golf spot is just off the Georgia coast between Savannah and Jacksonville. Jekyll Island boasts eleven golf courses and a quiet, serene atmosphere free of traffic, city lights and the city stress you may be used to. Even if you don’t come to Jekyll Island to golf, or if you are accompanying someone who does, you’ll find other activities that will keep you as busy or relaxed as you like. There are over 200 campsites for the outdoor enthusiast. You may also enjoy a guided horse tour, or any one of the restaurants offering an intriguing mix of southern home cooking and island sea food.

The Ultimate Golf Vacation

If you are truly interested in golf and very little else, then you may want to look into the ultimate golf vacation. The PGA Tour Experience consists of two, three, and five day programs where you are submerged in golf instruction from real golf professionals. Whether you are actually looking to make a career out of it, or just love golf that much, the academy is a great idea for any avid golf fanatic. These schools are located in a few cities throughout the US and may be a little pricier than you had originally planned to spend, but if golf is your passion it will be a vacation you won’t forget that easily.

More than Just Golf for Other Members of Your Family

It may be difficult to imagine, but some people in your family or traveling party may not be interested in playing golf. You may think it’s ludicrous, but your search for a great, cheap golf vacation should probably include reasonable activities and attractions for children and spouses with no desire to hit the green, and certainly no desire to watch you.

Don’t get your feelings hurt, just make sure that your destination has more than just golf and you’ll be fine. Destinations like Hawaii, Florida and California will have beaches, water sports and shopping. Other places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City have casinos for the older crowd or amusement parks and shows for the kids. If you are traveling with a family, remember that it’s not all about the golf, but you can think it is when your family is busy having the time of their lives and you have the fairway all to yourself.