June 18, 2024

You could realise that long term dream of owning your own villa in Cyprus, whether it be on the beach or in the mountains, choose your very own bit of paradise – even a permanent home in the sun. Buying property for sale in Cyprus can only be good for your pocket as prices are low at the moment, but they will not stay that way for long. They will start to climb once investors realise the gains that can be had from buying Cyprus property, so your Cyprus villa in Limassol could be a nice little earner over the next few years.

Limassol is the second largest town on the island, with Nicosia, the capital, being the largest. Limassol seafront has just been subject to a major facelift and as a result is beautiful; there are water features, sculptures and the occasional beachside bar! Oh yes, and the beaches are beautiful, which, may we add are spotlessly clean. So owning your own Cyprus villa in Limassol can surely only be a good thing to aim for.

Grab yourself some geography maps of Cyprus and have a look at what else the island has to offer, the mountains are spectacular at any time of year and are definitely worth a closer look, why not consider buying property for sale in Cyprus in the foothills, which are equally as beautiful.

Limassol’s old centre of Levantine stone buildings and alleyways lends the city some of its charm; Limassol is primarily the industrial and commercial capital of the south coast, with specialities of wine making, citrus processing and canning. Since the loss of the Famagusta port it has also been the South’s largest port.

Did you know that Richard the Lionheart married his fiancée Berengaria on the site of the present day Limassol castle and then went on to claim the island after winning a battle?

Cyprus’s largest brewer on the island is based at Limassol and you can join in one of the brewery tours every morning with free wine tasting after the tour. Now, no geography map of Cyprus will tell you that! Limassol is home to the annual wine festival and with free wine you are sure to have a great time. This event is held in the Zoological gardens, yes, you read that right! Limassol also has a Zoo and two aqua parks, in fact there is so much to see and do we could not possibly list them all here.

Buying a Cyprus villa in Limassol has one distinct advantage over any other place on the island and that is that you are central to virtually the whole of the island as your geography maps of Cyprus will show you. Travelling east to Paphos or west to Larnaca takes almost the same time. Buying property for sale in Cyprus has the advantage of around 320 days of sunshine yearly, who could ask for more? A Cyprus villa in Limassol can be advantageous to your health as well as your pocket, just think no more dreaded commute, sat in traffic for hours on end.

So if you are thinking of buying property for sale in Cyprus, a villa in Limassol should be an obvious choice. As we have already mentioned, Cyprus property prices are on the up and prices will not remain static for long. If you would like to see your money multiply in double-quick time, then buying here can help it to do just that.