July 15, 2024
Element Angels – Elemiah Protector and Anpiel Spiritual Expansion

Water is free flowing, representing the emotional body, movement, inner journeys, and Spiritual expansion. Elemiah is the Angel Protector of All Who Journey. Seek not the ways of others, find your own way. Accept that which is gifted if it resonates within. If it does not, accept the gift releasing it in gratitude, appreciating the sharing of another’s time and experience. You give the gift of possible healing, assisting another along their journey.

To journey, is to open your heart, your mind to the possibility of moving, flowing in a different direction than you may be comfortable. Spiritual expansion is the willingness to consider new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of expression, accepting the ways of others regardless of personal beliefs.

Invoke Angel Elemiah to assist with traveling, journeying, Spiritual Expansion by lighting a candle of blue. Be willing to allow your thoughts to drift through your mind as if floating on a stream gently flowing past your feet. Open your ears to hearing the sound of the stream. Imagine all is washed from you with loving compassion, understanding and grace. If you are willing, Elemiah will act as your Guardian along the journey of your choice.

A Message from Elemiah

Sit in the stillness, quiet your mind. Quiet your emotions. Quiet the cravings to have your heart’s desires. Know all is fulfilled in the moment of the asking in the Realm of Spirit. Allow things, all desires, all healing, all growth to gently flow through you. Be willing to see beyond that which has brought you to this moment for it is no longer where you choose to be. Choose to experience, to see, to hear, to feel, to express yourself differently.

Are you willing to adapt, to accept the ways of others as you wish to be accepted without judgment, without condition? Do you accept your own ways without condition or do you judge yourself harshly?

In what way or ways have you experienced unconditional acceptance? How have you gifted another with unconditional acceptance? First accept you, and then practice the accepting of others. Be willing to share your experiences with others.

Anpiel Angel of Spiritual Expansion

There are many symbols of spirit within each one of us. The sky, the air represents limitless, free flowing energy. Birds fly freely among the skies, darting in and out beautifully formed clouds high above. Butterflies, a symbol of transformation seem to float with ease in my garden. Watching the flutter of butterfly wings, dragonflies flitting here and there as if on a mission to cause change, are some of my favorite things. There is a sense of freedom which comes in stopping long enough to see, to really see the beauty all around, in the air we breathe.

Anpiel, the Angel of Spiritual Expansion, will gently assist you along your path. Your path is unlike any other, it is yours an yours alone. Sharing what you learn about yourself, about your inner self, releasing that which no longer serves your highest and best is an incredible journey in itself. Trusting another person with the truth of your inner essence is a treasured gift. Gift the giver with listening, even if you do not understand or agree; give the gift of acceptance.

Imagine for just a moment having a pair of wings. How much freedom would you feel soaring among the heavens, above the ordinary, free to truly be who you are!

A Message from Anpiel

Step into the sunlight beloved one, breathe the air, fill your lungs with the sweet scent of the trees, the flowers all around you. Close your eyes allowing the sun to warm your skin. Perhaps there is a slight breeze brushing your skin. In the way you know there is always enough air to breathe, the sun always shines, the moon always lights the way, know you are not bound by limitation. Know you are free to choose the path before you. Know you are free to shed the skin, the beliefs of days long since past. Know you carry the light, the Spark of Divinity within you as do all creatures. There is no wish or desire to small or too large to manifest. Breathe the air filling your lungs with limitless possibility. Allow your spirit, your inner core essence to soar like the Hawk in the skies high above the surface of worldly cares, above worldly concerns. Free your thoughts, your emotions even for a moment. Know you are a reflection of the Creator. Fly freely. Fly easily beloved child of light and love for there is no other like thee.

Remember to breathe deeply soaring above surface appearances.