July 22, 2024
Enjoying the Top Water Activities on St Lucia

There are people whose hearts belong to the sea and who can never get enough of activities associated with water – especially when they’re on holidays. If you are one such person, and are heading to the Caribbean island of St Lucia to stay at the famous Cap Maison resort, there will be plenty of opportunities to answer the call of the water.

St Lucia is, without a doubt, the ultimate holiday destination for water lovers. Home to a plethora of water-related activities, there is enough to keep you waterlogged 24/7, if that’s what you want!

On your holiday at Cap Maison, set your expectations high and prepare to be impressed by what’s available.

Pools for all seasons

Famous throughout the world, and frequented by those in the know, Cap Maison resort itself offers a range of pools on site for your enjoyment and to satisfy your need to be near water. If you are travelling with children who are not yet used to swimming in the ocean, the pools are the best spots for you. And just like the beach, you can catch some rays and work on your tan in peace.

Be Enchanted by the Island’s Coves and Beaches

As if a sculptor modelled the island with artistic hands, St Lucia is filled with enchanting coves and pristine beaches to explore, including the wonderful Smugglers Cove which features a stunning beach and crystal clear waters. You can hire a diving or snorkelling instructor for a few lessons or you can simply relax by the natural poolside and be mesmerised by the beauty of this vast cove. You could even spend a romantic evening with your loved one, swimming in the ocean with the moon and stars as your chandeliers…

Kite Surfing

Looking at the perfect opportunity to try and learn a new sport while you’re staying at Cap Maison? Why not sign up to learn the sport of kite surfing. This water sport is becoming more and more popular; as a matter of fact, the world championship for kite surfing is held annually on St Lucia! There are professional kite surfers who offer free lessons for beginners, pros and enthusiasts alike.

Deep Sea Diving

While you are in the process of learning something new and satisfying your need to be near the water, diving lessons are also available on St Lucia. The waters of the Caribbean are simply a treasure throve of marine life and spending some time amongst the abundant underwater communities provides a breathtaking memory to take back home.