July 22, 2024
Exotic Beaches of Andros Bahamas!

Bahamas has the most beautiful beaches of the world. Clearly the number one destination for romantic tourists, this island nation has the jewel in shape of Andros Island. You can find the natural beaches and man made tourist spots happening all over the island. The following are some of the amazing beaches Andros Island. The Lighthouse Beach is situated at the in the North Andros, this area is called Fresh Creek. There are many ways you can enjoy this beach including, the fishing, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, or just having some free romantic time here as well. The Small Hope Bay Beach is situated just ten minutes from town centre. This is a sandy beach with coconut tree hammocks. This is more preferred by the locals and has much more laid back atmosphere.

Similarly the Tiamo Beach is part of south of Island. This is the love spot where most of the Hollywood movies are filmed here. There are many activates here, the place is more posh and has the marina to accommodate any number of guests. The Love Hill is another popular beach. This can be called the longest beach on the Island. This has beautiful clear water and white sand. There’s no building in the clear view and the place actually looks like part of the tourist colander. One more thing about this is that there is most green part of the island. It’s also known as the garden of Andros. You have a wonderful opportunity to make this vacation a memorable experience. Enjoy sea around Bahamas and don’t miss the water sports as water is clean and transparent. You can hire economical boat visits to different authentic sites to enjoy under-water sites and scuba-diving.

The Summer Set Beach has to be the best place for enjoying the sunsets. This beach has millions of shells that shine like stars. The shore also has crescent shape, so when you walk you can see from far away. This beach is over a mile long. There is a beautiful coconut plantation on this side, you can enjoy the local made rum and food is delicious over here. The Nicholls’ Town Beach is the last point on the North Andros. This has pearl white sand and is short distance from the Nicholls town. The Pleasant Bay Beach and Regatta Village are also very beautiful scenic settings. There are some coconut and food festivals held here each year. In Vacation Rentals Andros Bahamas you will enjoy rich Mediterranean with several hotels.