June 18, 2024

New Zealand is known for its ethereal natural beauty and pleasant weather. These coupled with the vibrant people and culture of this place, makes it an ideal vacation destination. For nature lovers, this country will never be a disappointment, especially the walks and activities in and around Abel Tasman Coast Track and Golden Bay. It is always convenient to commute across the length and breadth of a country at your own pace, with maximum comfort.

The Abel Tasman Coast Track is one of the most beautiful walking trails in New Zealand. Lined all along with mesmerising beaches and stunning rock formations, this track also has an option of kayaking and gives you an opportunity to interact with the wildlife that inhabits it. This track is 50 kilometres long and takes 3 to 5 days to cover. The beach to beach walk mostly starts at Marahau and can be easily reached with the help of car hire services; however there are other entry points too – Awaroa, Wainui and Totaranui. The idyllic crystal clear waters of the Tasman Bay, scented forests and spectacular views of the landscape, is what greets the eyes here. The rock formations on this track are a wonder in its own right with sculpted granite, rock stacks, reefs, rounded boulders, wave cut platforms and headlands. You can also have an encounter with the region’s fauna which includes fur seals, blue penguins, dolphins, tui, fantails, bellbirds and kereru. The walks include overnight camping under the starry New Zealand skies, making it a picture perfect vacation. While on this track, do not miss the Tonga Island Marine Reserve, famous for swimming and snorkelling and Cleopatra’s Pool, a natural rock pool with slides.

The Golden Bay is another exotic location at the Northwest edge of New Zealand. This shallow land juts out into the azure blue ocean and carves a picturesque vista. Avail a car rental service and hit the road for some of the most memorable experiences. Drive over to the Marble Mountain or Takaka Hill, and explore the Harwoods Hole and Ngarua Caves along the way. Further ahead, visit the breath taking Te Waikoropupu Springs, also known as Pupu Springs, which is a sacred site of the local Maori aboriginal people. Drive west towards the vast sandy beaches that are famous for its scallops. A little further ahead, you will meet with Farewell Spit, a long sand spit, located near Collingwood. The journey continues towards Warariki Beach at Cape Farewell, where the landscape blends into stunning rock formations all along the beaches. Explore these exotic and scenic locales in the comfort of hired vehicle, and make the experience all the more enriching.