June 22, 2024

Stephanie Herzog’s goal in writing her book “God Is Your Matchmaker” is to revolutionize the reader’s preconceived ideas on singleness and marriage. She challenges the church to rise up to Christ’s standards regarding relationships. She provides principles that will enable the reader to better understand the dynamics of personal relationships.

The book becomes a conduit of love, inspiration, wisdom and counsel for singles. Stephanie encourages singles to learn how to live out their singleness for God and to accept their individuality in light of God’s purpose.

Herzog discusses steps to wholeness and life adjustments which prepare an individual to experience fullness and purpose on their spiritual journey. Stephanie addresses dating, identity, restoration, and destiny. She talks about Christian service, the family unit, friendships, and about God’s will in relation to seeking a future mate. Guidelines are provided for the godly woman to consider as well as important issues for the godly man to develop in his Christian character.

Stephanie openly shared lessons she learned and her personal story of life as a single. She tells how God confirmed his plan and provision of David Herzog to become her life partner. Hers is a beautiful love story.

Stephanie Herzog is a gifted communicator an anointed writer. “God Is Your Matchmaker” is important and timely. In our society today the church needs to face up to the need for a new standard in relationships within the body of believers. This is a challenge for the individual believer as well as the corporate body of the church.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., 978-0768427202

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review