June 18, 2024

A roadside barbecue or hamburger trailer is just one of numerous examples of what RV and caravan awnings can be used for. They can serve as affordable modern canopies for a few tables and chairs, thus attracting more dining customers. One such contemporary overhang perfect for caravans is the Contempo porch awning carried by StarCamp, and another by Sunncamp. A camper awning answers purposes as diverse as an outdoor sleeping place for guests or pets under a canopy of stars.

Sturdiness is possibly the top draw of the StarCamp Contempo porch awning, boasting new dual-hoop tunnel architecture for more stable freestanding. All-taped seams on its polyester ripstop fabric, at 3000 mm HH, ensures greater endurance to everyday wear and tear. Easy storage and installation are the promise of a framework of reinforced fiberglass in a 10.6 kg unit. Along with a front entry panel, mesh panels on both sides enhance ventilation. StarCamp Contempo awnings measure 300 cm in width and 300 cm in depth, making them suitable to trailers 235-250 cm in height.

Flexibility is arguably the main attraction of the Sunncamp Contempo awning, outfitted with all of three door entries. The bigger covered door on the front panel comes with a picture window. The J-door on either side panel has mesh for better air flow, not to mention two curtained windows each. Outsizing regular porch awnings, this 10.8 kg unit is painless to put up or away, with adjustable tension bands and pegs for the frames and ladder. Fiberglass poles support a polyester ripstop fabric, at 2000 mm HH. Fit for 230-245 cm high campers, Sunncamp Contempo porch awnings are 300 cm wide and 280 cm deep.

The primary function of an awning is to shield the outer walls from the sun, rain, wind and other forces of nature. However, this sheet of fabric stretched over an overhanging structure can also advertise like cheaper billboards. The StarCamp and Sunncamp Contempo porch awning offers home and business benefits to camper vans, RVs and motorized homes. When you put one up for sale, a second hand caravan with custom components such as porch overhangs would command a higher price.