June 22, 2024

As a young man growing up in the cold northern regions of America’s great Midwest I often found myself looking forward to February knowing that a swimsuit magazine full of beautiful supermodels would be headed to my mailbox. The pictures always showed these glamorous women wearing the smallest of bathing suits and bikinis as they played and enjoyed the beaches and towns of a much warmer climate than mine. Yes, those women sure were pretty, but I also remember looking at the sunny beaches and the streets lined with palm trees and thinking how great it would be to be swinging on a hammock in the tropical sun. Marrying a beautiful woman has erased my need to look at supermodel pictures, but the desire to visit the tropics during February has not. Plus, I now know that those great looking models did not have the awesome amount of fun displayed in those photographs. I want to have the fun in the tropics that the supermodels were never allowed to have.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you want to be lying on the beach of some Jamaica resort? Or, do you really enjoy thirty below wind chill? No, I want to swim up to the bar of a pool overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and order a fruity drink that everyone in a Midwestern bar would laugh at. Then, I can take three hours simply talking to the bartender about where the best local cuisine is located.

Thinking of food, you know supermodels couldn’t eat all the food in those pictures, but we can. Going to warm beach of South America, maybe lounging in an all inclusive Brazil resort and eating whatever I want, sounds like a great idea. Those all inclusive resorts have to have food when I want it; I could eat two breakfasts, brunch, lunch, a mid-day snack, and dinner with dessert, oh, and a midnight treat. The supermodel may live on eight glasses of water a day, but on a warm beach in the tropics we can be fed real food ten times a day.

Well, maybe eating ten times in a day isn’t the best idea, but having a great time, actually playing some of the beach sports the supermodels acted out, is a terrific idea. A visit to the warmth of the Caribbean could mean running from each of the Negril resorts to the next. A person could experience the beauty of the tropics, learn some local customs, and like a supermodel – get a great work out.