June 22, 2024

Singapore, ‘the visitor’s paradise’ is a bustling city with countless tourist attractions and will be heavily crowded. However, there are several hidden gems in Singapore that are great for a perfect vacation. These unexplored and relatively less crowded places can soothe your nerves! Headout to few of Singapore’s hidden gems to mix up with the local custom, culture and food.

Let’s begin our tour from Sungei Buloh Wetlands, a perfect place to observe the flora and fauna of the Mangrove swamp floor. It is also a very good destination for bush walks and bird watching. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility and peace of the mangrove habitat! One more surprise awaits you here, Mangrove Boardwalk; you can experience the thrill of walking through the longest boardwalk of the reserve. Next comes, the Katong, a perfect destination for a fine cultural tour. With several Chinese style shop- houses and nearby Hindu temples, the area is an eclectic mix of local culture and customs. Quite stroll through the footways of the old buildings, feel like you are moving back to the sixties. The place is also perfect for variety foods. The tasty local foods and variety cuisines displayed in the dining areas are sure to please all palates. Move on to Toa Payoh and visit the center of Singapore’s first and largest public housing town. The place offers a sequence of sightseeing experience at the Town Center, and New Town etc. Marvel at the architecture of the pedestrian malls and the housing towns! Find some time to relax at the famous Toa Payoh Town Park.

Off Singapore’s Northeast coast, lies Pulau Ubin, the last village or ‘kampung’. Travel to Pulau Ubin is like a deep plunge into the rustic ambiance of village life. Enjoy a quiet stroll through the tropical trees and coastal vegetation. Adventure junkies can have a nice time here! Excellent opportunity to indulge in outdoor activities and water sports. Explore the Chek Jewa Island, speckled with marine creatures, mangrove swamps and rocky creatures. Everyone knows about the famous China Market but too many are unaware of a hidden shopping destination; Haji Lane. Haji Lane a narrow back alley in the Arab Quarter is a less crowded and trendy shopping destination. It is one of the few places in Singapore where you can see graffiti. Just off the Orchard Road lies Emarald Hills, a place dominated by well restored pre-war houses. It is a beautiful place for an exciting night life and wine tasting. Don’t miss out, Little Guilin or Bukit Batok Town Park, a true gem of nature constructed from a disused granite quarry. Amazingly beautiful landscapes offer some lovely walking trails and plenty of photo shoot options. Sister’s Island, made up of two sister islands-Big Sister Island and the Small Sister Island is a great place for snorkeling and camping. Fantastic reefs filled with marine life, shady palm trees and beach shelters offer a unique experience to the visitor. Kusu Island is another exotic destination with several holy sites.

Besides the famous and crowded tourist spots try venturing out these hidden gems of Singapore for a unique travel experience.