July 22, 2024
History of Santorini Island and Volcano Eruption

The spectacular and world famous Greek Island of Santorini is one of the most famed vacation destinations in all over the world. Located in the south Aegean Sea it imprints a large impression upon its visitors. It is absolutely magical with amazing cliffs, colorful spectacular beaches, and volcano and breath-taking sunset creates a wonderful view that can’t be expressed by words.

As per the scientists, thousands of years ago Santorini was in round shape. About 1,650 BC there were a severe volcanic eruption. The same volcano eruption was so awesome that destroyed the interior section of the island that filled with water and the land turned to be a half moon shape.

Finding from the Excavation on the island of Santorini shows the evidence of human inhabitation and destroy of Minoan Civilization. During 1,650 BC Minoan civilization was at the top of prosperity and buried under the volcanic ash due to this large volcano eruption. However the Santorini volcano is active so far, which is found on Palea and Nea Kameni. You can find frequent boat trip from Santorini for live volcano excursions.

The creation of Caldera on the island of Santorini is due to the large volcano Eruption. Basically this Caldera is a big basin and top of this basin many beautiful villages have been established. Fira is the capital of Santorini and most touristy and center of attraction for visitors. Fira is the best place for shopping jewelries, art and gifts.

Another popular village is Oia, which is established on the north side of the island. The village of Oia is popular for it’s romantic sunsets and quieter life. The village of Fira and Oia are very welcoming with all type of accommodation suitable for your budget.

As per the findings from the excavation, the buried city of Akrotiri was at the top of affluence with rich Minoan civilization. The economy of the Minoan civilization was prosperous due to trade throughout the Mediterranean

Santorini has amazing geographical structure that has been attracting many visitors from all end of the world. This island is known for it’s beautiful color beaches with all type of amenities to attract visitors. Among all the beaches perissa, kamari and perivolos beach are the most popular with all modern facilities such as water sports, nightclubs and nice accommodations. These three beaches are the hot tourist spots and crowded all year long.

Santorini consists of so much amazing things to do and see. Yu can explore the Santorini with beautiful villages, beaches, museums, wineries, sunsets, archaeological sites, Caldera, live volcano and at last you can have a nice shopping.