July 22, 2024
Holidays in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The island country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is situated near the Caribbean Sea. The area of this island is 389 square kilometres and consists of the main island Saint Vincent and the one third of the island Grenadines. The history of the country consists of French and British colonies and is now considered part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines is considered a popular tourist destination because it is home to some of the most beautiful resorts and beaches. There are numerous places to tour and enjoy making this country a popular holiday destination. The most popular tourist attraction here is Saint Vincent. This spot is surrounded by beaches and water and is a heavenly place to visit. The beaches of Grenadines are the most famous and many tourists chose to experience them.

The second important place in Saint Vincent and Grenadines is Bequia. Whaling, fishing and shipbuilding are considered the integral life of Bequia. Port Elizabeth located at the edge of Admiralty Bay offer an exotic view of great sceneries and anchor drops. The boats on the bay, resorts and restaurants are just some of the popular places of interest for tourists.

The third place of interest while holidaying in this country is the Mesopotamia Valley. This valley is filled up with luxuriant and evergreen tropical crop and offers striking scenic views for the tourists. This island is known as the Island of breakfast because this place has lots of bananas, nuts, breadfruit, coconut and cocoa. It is truly a blissful atmosphere listening to the sounds of trickling streams and the fast flowing rivers.

The fourth important place is the Montreal Gardens in the city of Saint Vincent and Grenadines. This garden is situated in the mountains above the Mesopotamia valley and has volcanic fertility and frequent rainfalls. This garden provides an exotic view of flowers, spices and green plants with a wonderful cool and misty environment. The garden is opened to the tourists and public during the week. December and August is considered as the flower season in the Montreal gardens.

The final important place is the La Soufriere. This place has the existence of great volcanoes and is situated on the northern side of the Saint Vincent Island. This volcano rises to above 4000 feet above ground level and during April 1979 the volcano had its last eruption. The name Soufriere is taken from the French language and it involves the rigorous mounting of volcano. Mountain hiking is considered as the main event here and the windward coast of the island creates an exclusive excursion for the tourists visiting.

There is a lot more to see in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, it has many more tourist attractions to experience and enjoy.

Many holiday makers now come to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and stay in a holiday home rental. There are some great villas with swimming pools and self catering holiday apartments to rent on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.