July 22, 2024
Importance of Exporters From India and Their Quality Fabrics

Exporters from India are manifesting increased demand of their fabrics in western and developed nations. Stats and figures show that textile manufacturers and exporters from India relish a large contribution to world’s textile market. This contribution corresponds to 7 percent market share in the world textile economy. The reasons behind this increased demand are cheap labor, cheap cost of production and quality fabrics as compare to other textile producing countries.

Textile business is one of India’s old industries along with agriculture sector. Initially, the sector was unorganized and there was a monopoly in the textile market with a handful manufacturers and exporters. However, with the time – textile industry also changed its outlook and went from unorganized to a fully functioning sector. Increased competition and wide choices for the domestic as well as overseas customers have also led exporters from India to enjoy this hike in demand at international level. At present, major brands from around the globe buy fabrics from manufacturers and exporters in India.

Majorly Produced Fabrics: India flaunts its position as the world’s second largest fiber producer, preceded by China. However, the way garment industry is flourishing, experts allege that very soon India will take over China. Cotton is the majorly produced fiber in India, following with silk, jute, wool and synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

Cotton Fabric: Cotton is a light fabric with breathable quality. It is soft yet durable fiber and therefore enjoys superior wash and dry qualities. Due to its light and soft qualities fibers, cotton gives the wearer a comfortable time in springs and summers.

Silk: Silk is one of the most popular and luxury fabrics in Indian subcontinent. Subjected to normal shrinkage, the fabric is mild and has a tremendous resilience against dirt.

Jute: Jute is a durable fiber with excellent strength and breathability. It is an eco-friendly fiber with 100 percent bio-degradable and recyclable qualities. Majorly used to produce floor coverings, rugs, kurtas and bags.

Wool: Indian manufacturers and exporters are known for the finest wool fabrics across the globe. Indian wool fibers are exceptionally elastic, and offers a wearer great warmth and care in Winters.

Polyester Fabric: Polyester is a man made fabric with extremely adamant property of stoutness and durability. The fabrics incorporate exceptional resilience against chemicals and dirt. The fabric’s stout properties are used in the production of functional and protective clothing to cater industry specific requirements; for instance medical profession, engineers, automobile engineers, etc.