July 22, 2024
Junk Removal: The Hazards of Junk

Putting it in perspective, at times it makes sense to clean out your own attic, basement, or garage. If it’s just a few lightweight boxes to move, have at it. There are other times, however, when you’ll want to call a junk removal specialist. Here are a few considerations and why you should hire a junk removal company for office cleanouts, storage unit cleanout, etc.

Junk Collection Location:

Furniture, appliances, boxes, etc. that need to be hauled up or down stairs makes junk cleanout hazardous. Aside from the physical exertion, stairs pose a trip hazard. If the stairs are narrow, steep, or spiraled, junk removal is even more hazardous. Likewise, the same is true for hills. A steep driveway or ramp can be dangerous when cleaning out heavy junk loads.

Health Challenges:

If you’re no spring chicken anymore, or if you have a physical injury or disability, junk removal is dangerous. Lifting, stretching and bending are all part of the job. It’s laborious physical exercise. If the amount of clutter is significant, it’s better to hire someone who does it every day. Save yourself the risk of injury or overextending yourself.

Type of Junk:

Disposing of bulky furniture can be especially hazardous. It’s easy to get a finger smashed in a file cabinet drawer if the item isn’t secured properly. Likewise, if disposing of glass, wire, sheet metal, and so forth, it’s easy to get cut, tear clothing, or even lose an eye. Bulky and awkward materials can also scar walls, scuff floors, or otherwise cause damage in transit during removal.

Weight of Junk:

During office cleanouts, metal desks, credenzas, copier machines, etc. can pose hazards. They are not only heavyweight lift-risks that can cause injury during the move, they can shift in transit. As heavy as they are to lift, they often can slide easily. Once on a truck or trailer, they need to be anchored securely to avoid becoming road hazards.

If you move boxes from one place to another, they tend to stack neatly for easy transit. The heavy boxes typically go on the bottom. Fragile and lighter boxes are usually placed on top. But moving junk is different. Things just don’t stack so neatly. When you stack awkward shapes and unbalanced weight, things can get ugly pretty quickly, and without notice. It’s best to entrust large junk removal projects to a licensed, insured professional with experience.

Just as office cleanouts present unique challenges, so do foreclosure cleanouts, eviction cleanouts, etc. In the office cleanout environment, you’re typically dealing with the heavy furniture mentioned above. With household cleanouts, you’re dealing with tables, chests of drawers, dressers, entertainment centers, and beds. Give these some thought regarding cleanouts of clothing, box springs, and mattresses: bed bugs, mold, bacteria, and pet deposits. Yes, junk removal and disposal involve some nasty stuff. Call the junk removal professionals for your own health and peace-of-mind.