July 15, 2024
Lagoons in Belize

Belize is full of lagoons, some popular and often visited, while many still lie unexplored. Northern mainland Belize is a flatbed and includes habitat like coastal swamps, palm savannahs, plains and natural lagoons. Many of these lagoons are also found within the wildlife reserves, and near Mayan archeological sites in this region. They make perfect retreats on way to these tourist sites.

You’ll Lose Count

There are so many of them, and each one is equally attractive with distinctive features. Refreshing lagoons all around, every nook and corner has one; Belize indeed is paradise.

Four Mile Lagoon

Discovered by the English navigator James Cook in 1765, and who noted this as ‘a magnificent lagoon at the south side of the river’ in his log book, referring to the calm waters of “La Laguna de Cuatro Milas”, is called the Four Mile Lagoon.

Four miles south from the Rio Hondo, the lagoon supports a vast array of endemics of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Just seven miles from Corozal town, this lagoon is a cool respite from travel, or the summer heat. The calm waters are also ideal for fishing, sailing, wind-surfing and kayaking.

Ranchito Lagoon

South from Corozal Town, to Orange Walk and Belize City rests the sleepy village of Ranchito, and Ranchito Lagoon.

This lagoon is full with clusters of water lilies, and looks right out of an art-book with tall red mangroves lining all around. With alligators resting on the sides, the buzz of the bees and the drone of the damselflies keep all of our senses occupied.

Progresso Lagoon & Village

Most inland waterways in Belize served as a busy highway for merchants during the height of the Mayan dominance in this region. Progresso Lagoon is one such inland waterway located 12 kms from the Caribbean Sea in the Corozal District of Belize.

Blessed with the tranquil lagoon waters and some tremendous ecological diversity, this place is a favorite among tourists, and a charming cool-spot.

Honey Camp / Laguna de On

This is a fairly isolated lagoon in the Orange Walk District of Belize, known and frequented mostly by the villagers.

Locals who know of the uncanny ability of the waters to relax tensions and rejuvenate the mind and the body pay timely visits to the Honey Camp Lagoon.

Without any surface outlet Honey Camp Lagoon resembles more like a lake, than a collecting water pool for a river.

Nevertheless, a quiet afternoon beside Honey Camp Lagoon is a blessing in disguise. Trust the waters and take a dip, you just might find them relaxing, and truly being able to rejuvenate your body and mind.

New River Lagoon

Thousands of visitors who have navigated through the New River, en route to the grand Mayan city of Lamanai over thousands of years have been awe-struck and inspired by this sight. New River Lagoon is a tangle of water lilies by the New River, so enchanting that a dip in these clear waters is irresistible.

New River Lagoon is the largest lake in Belize, and an oasis in a maze of narrow rivers and waterways cutting across Belize. An unforgettable experience is that boat-ride you would take for Lamanai brushing past the New River Lagoon, Belize is, paradise realized.

Relax! This is what you are here for, and the lagoons in Belize are meant to enable you do just that.