June 22, 2024

Looking for your next holiday destination? Malta is an ideal destination for those wanting to rest, sunbathe, enjoy a social life and explore history.

Getting to Malta is quite easy as various air lines do trips from a number of countries and continents. Even though the international airport is small in size, it sustains a large number of traffic with an average of 200,000 passengers monthly (according to the National Statistics Office in Malta).

Tourists tend to like Malta for its extraordinary weather, for its charming and helpful residents, for its rich history, for its tranquil lifestyle, and yet for the ease of communication. Malta has its own language; however, the second language being English, the latter is wide-spoken. From the young ones to the elder people, locals can guide or assist tourists in English. Being such a touristic hub, many students study languages at school, the most popular being Italian, German, French and Spanish – thus do not be surprised if you’re greeted or talked to in your own language.

Once at the airport, transfer to your hotel shall not be complicated. You may pre-book a car hiring company online prior to your flight, or you might just rent a car at the airport. Driving in Malta is on the right-hand side (like the U.K.). If you opt to enjoy the comfort of being drive, you can get a taxi (white/ black/ blue) or by bus. However be careful as buses tend to be uncomfortable if you are carrying large baggage. Accommodation in Malta should be the least of trouble, or it may turn out to be the hardest decision, given the large choice of hotels and apartments available. Ranging from low-cost accommodations to expensive luxury establishments, self-catering apartments/ penthouses or 5 star hotels, the options are endless. My recommendation – find a central one if you want to avoid excessive spending on transport.

A hotel in Sliema is in a central area for instance, having various busses passing through the place throughout the day, and (although less frequent) even late at night. Moreover, what’s better than waking up and having a look at the blue Mediterranean horizon? Hotels and accommodation establishments tend to brag about their sea view apartments – and I do not blame them. Whether it is Summer or Winter, the front at Sliema at other coastal places in Malta offer terrific views and senses. As early as Spring time, the weather can be so warm that people swim well before the official Summer. Rocky and sandy beaches surround the island – some of them ideal for leisure swimming, others more intended for divers or yacht marinas. Ghadira, Sliema or Marsascala are packed with people in Summer time, while sites like Ghar Lapsi and Dwejra are more scenic and for the adventurous to enjoy. Surrounding our coast are various towers keeping an eye on the country’s safety. Not currently serving this purpose, but used to do so in the early days when Malta was under the Knight’s leadership. Today they stand there for tourists to admire and learn about Malta’s difficult times. The local history is richer than one might think, with different colonies leaving their footprints here. Over time Malta gained its own identity and is now an independent republic.

Malta is an ideal destination for young tourists, students, families and elder ones. Whoever you are, I am sure you’ll find an interesting holiday package in Malta.

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