June 22, 2024

You have heard of it, you may have seen it and you definitely want to embark on a Masai Mara Safari. The Masai Mara is known for its vast wilderness and even bigger number of wild animal that many only see in the zoos.

The cable television shoe ‘The Big Cat Diary’ was shot on location in Masai Mara Reserve. This is a show that follows the habits of various ‘cats’ of the wild like the lion, the cheetah, the tiger and other ‘big cats’. There have been about seven trips to Safari for these shoots which began in 2003 with the latest happening in March of 2009. This goes to show that the vast number of wild cats is a true wonder worthy of filming and sharing with the western world over and over.

Another film that was shot at the Safari in 1993 was known as Baraka. This film was set in over 52 other countries worldwide and Masai Mara in Kenya was chosen to be part of this venture. The film used moving images to unite different religious and ritual cultures with no narrative. This means that will forever be etched in film history.

Perhaps the most famous fact about taking a safari is one of its residents and these are the wildebeests. Large herds which total up to half a million wildebeests will between the months of June and October will migrate between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti due to change in climate and hence must migrate to survive and return back to Kenyan soil between the months of August and October. The Wildebeest Migration has been selected as a new wonder of the world hence an important part of world heritage. The Masai Mara will always be a famous part of African culture tourism.