July 22, 2024
Mauritius Holidays – Unlimited Fun and Entertainment Awaits You

Are you looking for a delightful and satisfying travel destination? Then your search ends with Mauritius vacation packages! An exotic tropical island located in the eastern coast of Madagascar, Mauritius holidays offer a complete package of calm Turquoise Ocean, alluring beaches, pulsating nightlife and the most important of all varied range of adventure sports and water sports. Some of the most exciting and entertaining sports which you can enjoy through booking Mauritius tour packages are listed below.


The various adventurous water sports in the island nation also contain sailing. If you would love to go sailing to explore the island, always make sure to book your Mauritius vacation packages during months which are suitable for sailing. Grand Bae is regarded as the primary centre to go on a yacht. Also, you can choose Mauritius tour packages where you get to stay at the beach resorts and take on sailing excursions.


If you are longing to see the underwater creatures and dive under the crystal clear water, then book your Mauritius tour packages today! The whole island is surrounded by exotic locations apt for diving. You will find a continuous expanse of coral reefs which exemplifies your diving experience. There are also numerous diving centers which will guide you and enlighten you more about the marine animals of Mauritius which includes Turtles, crabs, different types of corals, fishes and many more. After the end of your Mauritius holidays there will be numerous experiences for you to share with your friends and relatives.


If you desire to explore hidden beauty charm and aura of Mauritius, you must include trekking in your Mauritius vacation packages. It will always prove to be a mix of pleasure and awe for the nature lovers. The most renowned trekking spot is the Black River Gorges National Park. It offers you the ideal trekking zone and covers an area of around 6,754 hectares. What more, if you are lucky you will also get the opportunity to view native birds including birds the Mauritius Echo Parakeet and the pink pigeon.

Mountain Biking

Another way to enjoy your Mauritius holidays is though mountain biking. You can go for Chamarel Ride which is a simple and easy one hour biking experience across the area of Chamarel Seven Coloured Earths. Just bringing your camera along, you can click some of the most beautiful and memorable pictures as you pass along the pine apples and sugarcane fields. Other biking area is a ride on the south coast, Chamarel Down Hill where you will come face to face with the huge waves over the beaches.