July 15, 2024
Mitsubishi Delica Test Drive – Why Didn’t We Get The Mitsubishi Delica In Canada?

Test Driving the Mitsubishi Delica:

The Mitsubishi Delica is a vehicle in a class of it’s own and until you experience one for yourself, you just won’t understand. We have recently had the pleasure of adding a Delica to our fleet and here are our thoughts and opinions based on our real world experiences with our Delica.

At first glance, or more often a stare, the Mitsubishi Delica doesn’t fit in with the typical vehicle on Canadian roads. It stands out and screams function over form to all who see it. It may seem like a face only a mother could love, but once you get used to it, the styling really grows on you. I hate to admit it, but I really like the look of them now.

But that’s because I know what this vehicle has to offer. With a fuel efficient 2.5L turbo diesel engine, the Delica is easy and to drive with plenty of torque on hand, and economical at the same time. That is if you don’t have a heavy foot.

Fuel Economy

We’ve been managing an acceptable 20-25 MPG with a good mix of city and highway driving with our Mitsubishi Delica. This is about the norm from what we’ve heard, with the highest numbers reaching over 30MPG, and the lowest just below 20MPG.

Highway Driving:

Cruising on the highway is a different feeling in a Mitsubishi Delica, in fact driving a Delica in general is quite different due to the “over the front wheels” driving position. That’s right, your butt is sitting right on top of the front wheels, putting you right in the middle of the pivot point for the steering of the vehicle. It’s a different sensation at first, almost as though you’re riding on the hood of your car, but once you get used to it, it’s quite enjoyable.

Interior and Style:

Visibility is great, with large mirrors for every spot you can’t see out of from the many large windows, including convex mirrors for close proximity of the front and rear of the vehicle.

The Mitsubishi Delica maintains it’s speed well, even with aerodynamics designed by Maytag, but don’t expect to get anywhere in a hurry. The Delica will get you (and any other 6 people that happen to need a ride) where you need to go in an economical and reliable manner, but it won’t win any races.


On straight roads the Delica rolls along smoothly achieving speeds of 110-120 km/h easily. Hills on the highway aren’t too bad either but the vehicle must be driven accordingly. Be prepared to be passed as this vehicle was only able to muster up an average speed of 80km/h up the toughest hills of the Coquihalla, BC, Canada. That being said, this was not full out, and the thermostat showed no signs of increasing temperatures under stress.

Crystal Light Roof Option:

With the Crystal Light (moon roof) option your passengers won’t miss out on any of the action and it provides a great view of the stars if you decide to camp out in your van. Clearance is something to watchout for however because the Mitsubishi Delica is quite tall.

Test Drive Conclusion:

The Delica is perfect for hitting the slopes with all your snowboarding/skiing gear, heading to the beach with your family and dogs, or camping high up along a logging road you wouldn’t dare head up without a 4×4.

Personally, I plan to throw a set of larger wheels/tires and an aftermarket bush guard on our Delica to bring it’s rugged looks up to par with what lies beneath it’s sheetmetal.