July 15, 2024
Mornington, Peninsula Has a Lot to Offer Visitors

Mornington Peninsula is an attractive tourist destination for visitors to Melbourne wanting to take in a wine tour or a bus tour around the area including the Point Nepean National Park and the beautiful coastline along Bass Strait. There are certainly plenty of things to do and things to see during a holiday in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

The Mornington Peninsula is an historic area of Victoria in that it was first area settled in 1803 when whalers and sealers based themselves there. Since then because it has been largely government owned many of the historic sites have been carefully preserved including the Point Nepean National Park and the Mornington Peninsula National Park which maintained their rugged beauty along the coast line of Bass Strait. Military enthusiasts can also take a Melbourne tour by bus to the Peninsula’s naval museum and also explore the 19th century tunnels of Fort Nepean. It’s position also provides magnificent views over Bass Strait. Cape Schanck Lighthouse is also worth a visit if you travel there for a holiday – just one of the many things to see and things to do in the area.

There are many historic homes which can be visited on a Melbourne bus tour to the area and these will give tourists an insight into early colonial days on the Peninsula. One of Victoria’s oldest homesteads, the McCrae property which was built in 1844 and is furnished with many original pieces is also available for guided tours. In addition visitors can enjoy walking through many of the quaint historic villages occupied by the whalers and sealers many centuries ago.

The Mornington Peninsula and Point Nepean National Park have been popular tourist destinations for many years. The history and nature of the place provides many exciting moments for young and old. While older visitors might enjoy the historic sites, younger people can enjoy the opportunity to go scuba diving, kayaking or even get out into Bass Strait and do some dolphin or seal watching. Tours to swim with the dolphins are also available. If you are into fishing there are charter boats available that will take you out to Bass Strait for s day on the water. One of the many attractions is the wineries in the area. There are wine tours which obviously include wine tasting and these can be enjoyed in group tastings or just as individuals visiting. There are beautiful cheeses and chocolates that are also made in the Mornington Peninsula and tours of the cheese and chocolate factories are a must if you are visiting the Mornington Peninsula. There are a variety of cheeses available from the factory all of which will complement that cold bottle of white wine that you can enjoy after your evening meal in one of the beautiful restaurants in the area. In addition you might like to buy some of the strawberries when in season – Mornington Peninsula’s strawberry farm is regarded as one of the best in Victoria. The chocolate factory is also a must see especially if you are on holiday with your children. They will enjoy themselves here for sure!