July 22, 2024
New Book Explores Near-Death Experiences and Hawaiian Spirituality

David J. Wallace’s new book The Journey of Our Souls: What You Can Learn from One Man’s Multiple Near-Death Experiences is the kind of book that blows your socks off and makes you reconnect to your own spirituality in new and surprising ways.

Wallace is a native Hawaiian who shares in these pages his life story growing up in Hawaii and how Hawaiian culture and religious beliefs influenced his journey to becoming a “kahu”-a spiritual leader and healer-among his people. Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, he was often taught to repress his natural gifts and his people’s ancient spiritual beliefs. Raised as a Mormon, however, he also grew up in a culture where people sometimes didn’t always see much difference or conflict between what Mormonism taught and the beliefs of their Hawaiian ancestors.

Wallace’s journey got off to a rocky start when, as a five-year-old, he fell out of the backseat of a moving car and had a near-death experience. He was taken by an ancestor to a waiting place to determine whether he would be moving on into the afterlife or returning to earth. Thankfully, he returned to this life, though he would end up having three more near-death experiences, all of which he details in this book.

Beyond telling his personal story, Wallace uses The Journey of Our Souls to explore what it means to be an immortal soul trapped in a human body. He compares it to being “a world champion race car driver with a secondhand beater with bald tires to compete in the Indianapolis 500,” which he says is “a disaster waiting to happen” because “This gap between spiritual potential and physical reality can create a lifetime of challenges as the soul, mind, and body attempt to coexist peacefully.” Throughout the book, Wallace details how he has managed that challenge and how we can do the same. Ultimately, he says our soul is our moral compass and its journeys equip us with the tools and experiences we need to achieve balance and fulfillment. We need to live our higher soul purpose to achieve that balance and fulfillment.

Wallace learned to live his soul purpose in many ways, most importantly by waking up to the gifts he has. Among the gifts he has accepted and developed is an ability to predict the future through prophetic dreams, an ability to see things that are hidden (he started by guessing what was inside his wrapped Christmas presents as a child and worked his way up to bigger things), and remote viewing-an ability to see things hundreds of miles away.

One aspect of this book I especially enjoyed was reading about Wallace’s Hawaiian culture and how it informs his beliefs. I find his belief in Hawaiian spirits and magic surprising and yet deeply interesting. Wallace especially believes in the importance of connecting with one’s ancestors. He feels his ancestors are interested in him and ready to help him when he needs them. He discusses how to develop relationships with them and gain their trust so they will aid you.

Wallace also wants to aid other people. Today, he uses his gifts to assist people in various ways. He has helped sick people to confirm whether or not they have cancer. He has helped people to make peace with disruptive and possessive spirits living in their homes. And he has helped his community through facilitating Hawaiian cultural and educational experiences to keep Hawaiian beliefs alive for future generations.

I do not want to give away all the great stories in this book, but to read about how Wallace predicted the death of a coworker and how he helped to heal a student so he could play football for the next game were all entertaining but also informative. Throughout, Wallace finds that by being in touch with his gifts and being open to the Universe, synchronicities and surprising but meaningful experiences can occur.

Wallace also has had success in playing the lottery. While he hasn’t won the million-dollar jackpot, he has developed a system that helps him match several numbers when he buys lottery tickets, as well as to be successful at various games in casinos. He shares some of his methods and tips in this book, and he is available for private consultations for those who want to learn more.

While everyone may not believe everything in these pages, Wallace comes across as an honest and humble man. At the end of the book, he discusses the importance of being a leader and how he has often taken on that role reluctantly. In the beginning, he was unwilling to develop or share his gifts because he feared being an outcast, but in the end, he realized God (or the gods) had given him talents he was meant to use to make the world a better place. He has helped many people, and now he hopes to expand his ability to help others through the advice and information he offers in this book. I guarantee you will see life in a new way after experiencing The Journey of Our Souls.