February 24, 2024

Dwarka is a sacred town included in the four holy pilgrimage sites of the Hindus (also known as Char Dham) in India. This town is located at the Gujarat Peninsula’s western most tips. This is a very important place in the coast of Saurashtra. The latitude of this city is 20°22′ north and its longitude is 69°05′ east.

It is in the right bank of the creek named Gamut. According to the stories, this place was believed to be founded by Lord Krishna. This was called as the Swarnadwarka or the Golden Dwarka.

Dwarka had been one of the important pilgrimage centers in India. It has been connected with the legends of the Lord Krishna. According to the history of Dwarka, this place was founded by Lord Krishna. It was believed that after Lord Krishna had slain Kansa, he left his abode in Mathura. He travelled all over Yadava community until he reached the coast of Saurashtra. This is where he founded the town of Dwarka and named it the Swarnadwarika.

The successor and grand son of the Lord Krishna was Vajranabh. It was believed that this person was the one who built the Dwarakanath Temple that was called Trilok Sundar today. It was believed that this temple has undergone erection for one night, and this was done by a supernatural agency. This is of course under the direction of the successor of Lord Krishna which was Vajranabh.

Legend has it that before Lord Krishna died, he asked his devotee to leave the place for the sea to be able to engulf. Until now, the city of Lord Krishna is still buried under the sea. There were some facts that state there were actually five settlements the sea had swallowed. The sixth one was the Dwarka. The original inhabitants of Dwarka are Modas, Kabas and Kalas. The Kabas and Modas may have seemed extinct by these times. The descendants of Kabas is said to be Vaghers.

In the place of Dwarka, there are also a lot of area attractions that the visitors can go. One of them is the Dwarkadheesh temple. This temple is also known as the Jagat Mandir, and is at the north bank of Gomti creek. This was built more than 2,500 years ago. This is architecturally designed, same as the antique Hindu sacred edifices. This temple has sixty columns that support the roof of Jagat Mandir’s audience hall. This is a five story temple, with a carved conical spire of 157 feet high.

One temple popular to the pilgrims is the Rukmini. Seen here is the statue of Ranchlodrai standing one meter tall. It has four hands and is considered a black idol. Ranchlodrai was a ruler of Dwarka. The temple was said to be the place where the wife of Krishna was reincarnated in the bosy of Lakshmi. Lakshmi was the goddess of wealth and beauty.

It is further believed that Dwarka is sanctified at the seat of Adi Shankaracharya. There were four seats established here, and these where in different directions of the country. There was a research work built in Sanskrit. This work was carried at the Shankaracharya’s seat. This was known as Sharad Peetha.

There are also other places around the Dwarka nice to visit. These places include Bet Dwarka, Dwarika Isle, Matsyavatar Temple and many more. If you are visiting Dwarka, you can try visiting these places.