June 22, 2024

Mannequins are a helpful tool to display the clothing that you sell. They help the potential customers visualize the clothes that you offer and help make your display window look more exciting. As mannequins play an important role for your business, you should take care of them well. Thus, you can save on operational cost since you do not have to buy new mannequins to replace old ones every year.

Mannequins are fragile and you should always handle and treat them with extra care. Here are some tips to maintaining your mannequins:

1. Unpack the mannequins and assemble body parts carefully. Make sure that you have washed your hands before handling them and wear gloves for more protection. When your hands are dirty, they may leave marks on the mannequins, especially on more visible areas like arms and neck. If you wear rings, it would be better to remove them since they may cause scratches. You can actually get scratches removed, but it would require spending extra money.

2. When assembling the limbs, do not force them if they do not fit, otherwise they may break or cause scratches. Attach the body parts carefully to avoid damages to the mannequins.

3. Some clothes probably do not fit the mannequins and you may need something to stick them. Avoid using scotch tape since it can leave residue on the surface of the mannequins. Instead, you can use pins to stick the clothes without causing any damage.

4. Try not to drop the mannequins. Older models are usually made with heavy duty materials. These days, however, they are produced using lightweight materials such as fiberglass and they can break easily if dropped.

5. If you find fingerprints on the surface of the mannequins, you can use toothpaste and water to remove them. Mix a bit of toothpaste with water, rub the mixture carefully on greasy fingerprints, and wipe clean.

6. If you are not going to use the mannequins for a long period of time, you should store them properly. Cover them with special covers so that they are free from dust. Mannequin covers are widely available and you can get them easily today.

Mannequins are a precious investment for your business and proper care will help you reduce maintenance costs. By cleaning them regularly, they will always look as good as new and they can help make your store look more attractive.