June 18, 2024

Rameswaram is considered to be one of the holiest places for Hindus. Therefore, most of the visitors come here for pilgrimage, rather than for a simple holiday. Located in Tamil Nadu, on a small island, Rameswaram is separated from the neighboring country of Sri Lanka by a tiny channel. Rameswaram hotels are mainly offered in budget and medium range categories.

Budget hotels in Rameswaram are aplenty, and offer economical stay for pilgrims and visitors from all walks of life, with rooms in the range of Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 per night. Though most hotels have no air conditioning, some of them offer a few air conditioned rooms for the hot and humid summer months. Some budget hotels are Hotel Tamil Nadu, Hotel Venkatesh, and Hotel Maharaja.

Hotel Tamil Nadu offers:

Non-air conditioned bedrooms with two, three, five or six beds

Dormitories with six beds

Air-conditioned double bed rooms

Facility to get an extra bed at a cost

Convenient location. It is located 3 and 4 Km away from the main bus stand and the Rameswaram Railway Station, respectively

Can be reached by air, up to Madurai, which is 165 Km away, and then by road

Car Rental Desk

Laundry services

Cable TV connection

Long distance calling facility

In-house South Indian food

Hotel Venkatesh, S.V. Koil Street, Rameswaram, offers:

Both air conditioned and non air conditioned double bedrooms

Three, four and five-bedded rooms

Family air-conditioned rooms with four beds

Convenient location for road travelers, at only 2 Km from Rameswaram bus stand

Reachable by Rail and Air, too, as Madurai airport is 170 Km away

Laundry services

Free newspapers

Cable TV connection

Long distance calling facility

Hotel Maharaja has the following amenities:

Very conveniently located, near the bus stop and only a kilometer away from the Rameswaram Railway Station

Pickup from Madurai Airport, located 260 Km away

Safety deposit facility

Connectivity through Internet and STD / ISD facilities

Cable TV connection

In-house South Indian vegetarian cuisine

Car Rental Desk

Apart from these, there is Hotel Hare Rama Hare Krishna, offering prompt service and spacious accommodation and located just a few minutes’ drive away from the main Rameswaram temple. Hotel Royal Park is a luxury hotel, the first of its kind, with world-class amenities for the discerning few. You can reach Rameswaram through bus, train and air routes, and there are many buses that run from Rameswaram to Madurai and vice versa.