June 18, 2024

Spain has a rich and diverse food history and the restaurants in La Manga offer a range of culinary treats.

Situated on the Costa Blanca, La Manga soaks up all the flavours of the area to create a mouth-watering menu. Many recipes are handed down from generation to generation until they become a part of the region’s character. Like most of Spain the main choice of appetiser is tapas which comes in a variety of different forms, making the most of the Mediterranean’s abundant sea life.

When it comes to a main course rice dishes are the local specialty. Within the dish can be things as diverse as red shrimp, rabbit or snails, but the one thing all of them have in common is that they are delicious. For something a little more substantial, stews are very popular and simmer with all the flavours of the region. Finally for desert, Turron, which is made from honey sugar and white egg, is the local favourite, and would make the perfect La Manga meal complete.

Finding a place to savour these local treats couldn’t be easier, as Cabo de Palos is just ten minutes from the club and has a range of great restaurants. Restaurant La Tana is an ideal place to sample the local flavour, in particular the rice dishes. Their signature dish, Rice La Tana, is rice made with minced squids and shrimps, with no heads and no bones. Restaurant El Pez Rojo is another excellent establishment, located on the harbour which does great fish. A good tip is to try the long and narrow menu which offers many of the dishes in small proportions so you can try a wide range of food.

The local food really is a treat, but don’t think that La Manga doesn’t have a great range of international restaurants. Blues Restaurant has built up a good local reputation and serves a variety of international food, as does Run, which specialises in Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese dishes. If a pizza takes your fancy then Via Romana has a good menu and food at very competitive prices. German and Argentinean cuisine is also served at Castillo de Mar and El Parador respectively, but don’t worry if you miss the taste of home, Bar el Sol on La Manga beach serves really good fish and chips.

You may feel like creating something using the flavours of La Manga yourself, in which case the local seafood is a must. The regional shellfish have a global reputation and are scintillating when prepared on a hot-dish and served with the local fishermen’s rice dish Caldero. In Cartagena you can find fresh fruit and vegetables and the local lamb is also well worth a try.

No trip to La Manga would be complete without sampling some wine. There is free wine tasting available at Los Belones and you can buy a bottle of your favourite variety. Spain is famous for its red and white rioja and La Manga is no exception. La Manga has a broad range of restaurants, cafes and food outlets and, with an open mind you are sure to have a memorable time.