June 22, 2024

General info about Rhodes:

Rhodes/Rodos in Greek is the largest of all the Dodecanese islands and is one of the most popular destinations in Greece for vacations. Rhodes island ifamous for many reasons: for the cosmopolitan lifestyle, the Castle of the Knights, the Valley of the Butterflies, spa of Kallithea, Tsambika monastery, Hotel of the Roses, Rodini Park, castle of Monolithos, Seven springs, Lindos Acropolis, Municipal Gallery of Rhodes, The Colossus of Rhodes, Palace of the Grandmaster, Hospice of St. Catherine, ancient Kameiros, Acropolis of ancient Rhodes, ancient Ialyssos, Filerimos hill, Hydrobiological Station of Rhodos and of course for the clean beaches!!

The Colossus of Rhodes island:

The island of Rhodes was very famous and important in the ancient years. From Rhodes island which is in the south Aegean Sea, all the ancient travellers from other countries who where traveling in the far Asia, they were visiting Rodos for a stop in their long trip so slow slow Rhodes became very important economical place for all!

Colossus of Rhodes was builded to commemorate the victory of the Rhodians against the Antagonids and was stooding in the harbor entrance, until a strong earthquake hit Rhodes with result the Colossus to be destroyed falling down. From that moment Colossus of Rhodes stayed in the history one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Nobody could rebuild this and slow slow Arabs stole all the pieces and sold it as scrap metal in their countries.

Rhodes island market:

Most popular stores lie within the Old Town and the paved alleys. There you can find classic and modern gold, silver jewellery,there are plenty of gold and silver factorys in Rhodes and a quality of leather goods which imported from Turkey and northern Greece.

Walking In the Old Town you will find also a plethora of shops with fine reproductions of ancient statues, friezes, tiles, vases, antique carpets, furniture, paintings and porcelain.

Rhodes is also famed for handmade carpets and kilims, there are few women around the island who make carpets in their homes and some monasteries too. In the Old Town you will find many of them.

If you like the wine in Rhodes you will find a high quality taste of wine with fine reputation. There are 2 wineries in the island: 1.) C.A.I.R – 2.) EMERY.The sunshine, the mild climate and the advanced techniques of the local wine makers, all contribute to the excellent quality of Rhodian wine.Some of them have received awards at many international wine exhibitions.

One more Rhodian product is the local honey which has an excellent taste and its one of the best in the world.

Olive oil is also a local art, a precious gift from the Greek land, virgin olive oil which is one of the best types!

Also there are ordinary shops where you can buy clothes, shoes, books, things for the beach, glasses and so on.

Then, there are the souvenir shops where everything Greek can be bought: leather belts, gloves, bags, icons, embroideries, copies of ancient art etc. and last shops with ceramics, all of the ceramic creations are hand made in Rhodes island – Greece.

Monasteries in Rhodes:

Paramythia Monastery – Afandou village
Tsambika Monastery – Archaggelos village
Skiadi Monastery – Messanagros village
Ipseni Monastery – Lardos village
Thari Monastery – Laerma village
Pantanassis Monastery – Soroni village
Kalopetra Monastery – near the Butterflies valley

Churches in Rhodos:

Agios Nikolaos Church – Foundoukli Eleousa village
Agios Nectarios Church – Archipolis village
Katholiki church – Afandou village
Filerimos Church – Ialyssos village
Agios Soulas Church – Soroni village

Also Rhodes has a wide variety of sports and other activities to offerfor everybody. Its a paradise for sport lovers! You can find almost everything for all tastes and age groups: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Swimming, Trekking, Water skiing, Jet skiing, Snorkelling, Diving & fishing, Water Sports, Yachting, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Extreme Sports, Horse Riding, Go-Karts, Bowling, Camping, Water Park, Paintball, Beach Volleyball.