June 22, 2024

Perfect attendance in Rotary is not as difficult as it was years ago for several reasons. The biggest reason is that a Rotarian now has from two weeks before until two weeks after a missed meeting to attend a make-up meeting. Prior to the change to this rule the period was only from one week prior until one week after. The second reason is the availability of Rotary e-clubs where a Rotarian can go online to an e-club and view a program for 30 minutes or more to qualify for attendance.

This allows the member to qualify for making up a meeting without having to attend in person. A third reason achieving perfect attendance is much easier is that many Rotary functions other than club meetings now can be counted as a make-up meeting. Examples include attendance at a Rotary board of directors meeting, participation in a Rotary community service event or fund-raising event, or attending a Rotary district function. The last reason it is easier now is that the internet makes it much easier to find the time and place of a local Rotary meeting while traveling. This said having perfect attendance remains something for which many Rotarians take great pride, and rightfully so.

Let’s look at each of these factors individually.

In 1995 Rotary changed the rules for attendance to allow an extra week before and after the missed meeting for a Rotarian to do their make-up for a missed club meeting. This extra time makes it much easier to find an opportunity to do the makeup. If traveling, if a family crisis happens, or if work just gets really busy this gives a lot more leeway for finding an opportunity to get the meeting or function done.

At the same time the rules for what qualifies as a make-up were changed to include the types of activities mentioned above. These make it possible for a Rotarian to use the types of activities they may already have been doing to cover for a missed meeting.

For Rotarians who are used to using the internet e-club meeting makeups are a simple and easy way to achieve perfect attendance. It takes less time, is very convenient, and helps with general Rotary education and awareness when e-club make-up meetings are used.

The fact that when traveling a Rotarian can easily now find a make-up meeting makes this option much more practical for most traveling Rotarians. In the past it was necessary to find or have a copy of the manual that listed all clubs and their meeting times and places. This may or may not have been current. Then the Rotarian had to plan ahead to make notes of meetings at times and places they were planning to travel. Now there are several great options for ways to locate a local club meeting. One option of course is to use the Rotary International web site. Another great resource is to use the new Everything Rotary iPhone app for Rotarians who have an iPhone. Using this app, the Rotarian simply clicks on the “Find a Club” icon and a map of the local area comes up with drop pins on the location of local clubs. By clicking on a pin the location and time of the meeting appears. This allows the Rotarian to find the meeting using their phone’s web browser service and not need to have a laptop computer or to try to use the RI site on the tiny screen of a phone. To get this app just visit the iPhone store at the app store and download the Everything Rotary iPhone app, and use the Rotary Club Locator function.