July 22, 2024
Secrets of Karmic Astrology – Karmic Tasks

Have you ever wondered why you’re alive? What are you meant to accomplish with this life? Karmic astrology reveals the plan you made at the soul level to progress on your spiritual journey in the life you are currently leading.

When you die, after a period of rest you are ready to take a human body and continue your spiritual evolution. At that time you review your most recent life and the highlights of every other life you’ve led. You catalog your karmic blessings and obligations. You take note of the karmic impressions that stand in your way. You notice karmic tasks you’ve been working on for many lifetimes but have still not completed.

And then you make decisions about the life you are about to live. You decide what skills you want to have at your disposal. You figure out which karmic debts you want to fulfill. You choose which karmic patterns you want to overcome. You decide how best to tackle your unfinished business. Then you choose when and where to be born to best reflect those decisions.

When and where you are born determines what your karmic astrology natal chart looks like. The placement of each planet, the sign that is on the horizon when you are born, and the interactions between the planets all give us information about the karmic choices you made for this incarnation. Properly interpreting your chart gives you a head start on your spiritual journey.

Imagine how it would feel to know just one of the major karmic tasks you set for yourself. Are you ready to move forward into the Light? Learn the secrets of your birth chart and accelerate your spiritual growth today.

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