July 15, 2024
Seeking a Spiritual Retreat: Self Growth and Stress Reduction

Developing an inner path to the divine leads to connections with a larger reality: collective consciousness, nature, and community. We begin to realize that we are not separate from each other. Through the heart we begin to understand what is really important in life. As a result, the guilt, resentments, anger, and anxiety begin to melt away. Seeking a spiritual retreat is one way to help in the realization of this.

Knowing a spiritual self does not just “happen.” It needs nurtured and developed and often starts with the ability to love ourselves. Healing our inner wounds allows the heart to truly open. Depending on how long the negative pathways have been there it may take some time and practice. It often requires a radical life change and a deep desire at the soul level. The soul is seeking peace, thus living in fear, distrust, frustration, and other negative modes not only impacts our physical well-being but it withers the spirit. It is through the true understanding of unconditional love that the healing begins.

Conditional love usually begins with judgment. Judgment arises from the ego. The ego arises from the mind. When an event happens it is natural for the mind to kick in and analyze the situation: what does this all mean; how does this relate to me; who is to blame for this; how does this relate to my past; how will this impact my future? The time that our minds are occupied with these types of questions, is equivalent to the judgments we carry. However, there is a difference between judgment and discernment. Judgment against self or others enslaves us, discernment sets us free. When we hold onto a judgment and that judgment is negative, we live with the emotions that arise from that negativity. When we use good discernment we make smart associations and choices. We learn from mistakes and negative events in our lives. This brings in feelings of peace and serenity.

Most spiritual retreats focus on opening the heart and letting go. Many of the clients who visit SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats, are fear driven, anxious, and doubtful. Opposite fear and anxiety are the concepts of trust and surrender. When we let go of judgments and we learn how to trust and surrender, we let go of the need to control. By seeking a retreat we remove ourselves from the environment where these patterns have been engrained and are causing us to feel “stuck.” Spiritual retreats can help us gain tools to release those things that make us feel confined. The soul is free and we always have a choice. Having the courage to make the change it might require to be happy is sometimes the biggest challenge.

Spiritual practices such as visualizations, positive affirmations, meditation, Thai Chi, prayer, etc. can be gained by seeking teachers and healers who help us get in touch with ourselves at the very core. Our spiritual retreats in Sedona help individuals and couples get back into alignment with themselves utilizing these practices. It is important to get a “tune up” now and again, especially when we are under a lot of stress and feeling lost or disconnected. Spiritual retreats help us release and restore. In restoration is joy and serenity.