July 22, 2024
Some Reasons to Visit Jamaica

Visit our tropical beaches

Jamaica is described as the land of wood and water. In Jamaica you won’t have any shortage of fun in the sun. Imagine a day in Negril where we have seven miles of white sand beach and when the sun sets the fun begins. You can choose to dine at any of our fine restaurants on the Westend while you experience the famous Negril sunset. Take your cameras you won’t want to forget the beauty, peace and fun Negril offers.

While Negril is beautiful its just one end of the amazing island on the South cost there is the amazing YSfalls that will absolutely trill you. After YSFalls you may believe that you have seen paradise but your journey as just began lets travel to Montego Bay to the Doctors Cave beach located along the hip strip. The Doctors Cave Beach is rumored to have medicinal properties so take a swim and find out for yourself. Your stay in Jamaica would not be complete unless you have visited Dunns River Falls. Jamaica’s famous Dunns Rivers Falls is an absolute thriller it is one of those things you just have to experience in your life time.


Music is the language of the soul and reggae is the beat of the heart. Your bones will move to this amazing sound without much effort on your part. While reggae is diverse there is something for everyone just like contemporary dancehall artist Busy Signal said he can deliver “any style whe she want” Reggae music will move you any how you like it. Some people go while to the sound of dancehall Reggae while other would rather to be on the beach and move to Bob Marley while enjoying the famous the Jamaican bear. To get a good feel of the music you can take advantage of our music festivals like Reggae Sunfest or our shows like Rebel Salute.

To ensure that you can enjoy the shows and not be stuck in traffic trying to travel to the show it is best to stay at a location close to the show and travel a or 2 day before the show. To find excellent vacation homes around the island go mobaymsb.com where there are several listings. Reggae is the best thing that can ever happen to your ears.

The Food

Treat you taste buds to some native Jamaican food. My personal favorite is roast breadfruit and ackee. The island host several food festivals my favorite is the Trelawny yam festival I am still trying to prepare roast yam like I had a last year’s festival. There are no words to describe this exquisite taste of food grown and prepare in Jamaica by Jamaicans who can cook.

See the Entire Island

While most of the beaches and attractions are located along the North and South cost, there are some attractions outside of Montego Bay, Ocho RĂ­os and Negril. For example there is the Bob Marley museum in Kingstown. While planning your vacation take a look at mobaymsb.com to find excellent properties that you can make your home away from home. At mobaymsb.com you may even discover that you purchase a piece of paradise for your retirement.