July 22, 2024
St Lucia: Bringing Your Caribbean Dreams to Life

When heading to St Lucia in the Caribbean, any time of the year makes for a relaxing and fulfilling break away. If you are fortunate enough to stay in a world-renowned resort like Cap Maison, becomes more than just a holiday, it becomes an experience.

At different times of the year, the island has a host of religious and cultural feasts that you can enjoy, whether you are travelling alone, with your entire family or with a loved one. Book your accommodation at a resort like Cap Maison, relax, unwind and join in the fun and festivities as well as learning more about the culture of this exotic tourist destination.

Jazz it Up!

If you choose May for a holiday at Cap Maison, has a special treat for music aficionados with the St Lucia Jazz Festival. The first week of this month is filled with the echoes of jazz music, and a whole lot of eating, drinking, dancing and singing. During the festival, you can experience the soulful music of St Lucia’s resident jazz and blues musicians as well as international guest artists.

Summer Carnival

If you plan to visit St Lucia during the Caribbean summer, which starts in June, you may be lucky enough to coincide with the St Lucia Carnival. The island’s playful and lighthearted vibe makes this the ultimate tourist destination and this festival is truly the epitome of “fun under the Caribbean sun”. The streets resonate to the sounds of calypso music and the carnival season culminates in a event known as Carnival Tuesday, which features a street parade and celebration similar to the Mardi Gras down at the “bayou.”

True Blue Creole

October celebrate the locals’ origins as the islanders commemorate celebrate International Creole Day. During the festivities, you can sample authentic Creole dishes and music and pretend you’re a local for a few hours!

This time of the year also sees the arrival of the Food and Rum Festival. Just like the infamous pirates of the Caribbean, you can drink and eat your way to fun with barrels of authentic rum and Caribbean food.

Winter Excitement

If you’re planning a winter holiday at Cap Maison has a number of national festivals at this time of the year, too. December hosts the island’s National Day and you can experience the authentic atmosphere with street festivals, contests and even sports competitions. The Festival of the Renewal of Lights is also held during the winter and showcases the famous lantern making contests.