July 15, 2024
St Lucia Resorts – How To Pick The Best St Lucia Resort

So you are planning a vacation and you wish to select the best St Lucia resort. Well I know it can be a little overwhelming as you try to decide whether to pick an all-inclusive or just a regular hotel. Then you have to decide do you want to stay in picturesque but scenic Soufriere, in the Castries area or up in Rodney Bay with all of its restaurants, casino, and excursions to choose from.

Now not only should you consider the resort you wish to stay at, but also the St. Lucia weather at the time that you plan to travel. Our weather is usually dry and breezy from mid December right back to mid April when the Northeast Trade Winds are at their strongest. Saint Lucia is also greenest from December through about mid March as we would have just come out of the hurricane season at the end of November. The rainy season coincides with the hurricane season, however it must be noted that because of how far south this island lies in the Caribbean Archipelago, traditionally we are only hit by a hurricane about once every 20 to 30 years.

In picking a resort you must also decide if you want to stay at one that allows children – like the Windjammer Landing, or one such as Sandals that is an all-inclusive for couples only. Then you have St Lucia hotels that are simply referred to as boutique hotels. These properties tend to be small, cozy, intimate and the best of them are usually booked solid throughout the year. Cap Maison, sitting atop a cliff’s edge on our northern tip is one such hotel.

And while we have spent a bit of time exploring the best St Lucia resort for you we must not forget our restaurants because what fun is a vacation without considering a culinary exploration of the best of St Lucia. From the really down to earth Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party, or the Anse La Raye Friday Night Fish Fry with their wild array of island treats and delicacies, to the likes of The Spice of India or Memories of Hong Kong, there is plenty to tempt and titillate your taste buds during your vacation.

In fact in Rodney Bay alone there are more fine restaurants for you to choose from than you will have nights in your stay! From the very casual Spinnakers down on Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay to the private and intimate Chic Restaurant at The Royal St Lucian Hotel where they serve some of the best steaks I’ve ever had.

So when choosing your resort remember to consider the time of year you plan to vacation and what the weather will be like at this time. Truth is though, with so many hotels and restaurants to choose from you simply can’t go wrong.