July 15, 2024
Summerhill Winery (Kelowna)

At Summerhill, tradition meets the mystical to create a winery experience that is somewhat out of the ordinary. Visitors may try some of Summerhill’s many wines in the wine shop before heading out on one of the many tours that are conducted throughout the day. The winery also features Sunset Bistro, a restaurant at the winery’s front with an ample patio and view of Okanagan Lake. Before entering the winery, visitors can also take in the World Peace Park with a waterfall, lovely vista, and koi pond to boot.

Immediately upon entering Summerhill’s grounds, visitors will notice a white concrete pyramid. This is the jewel in the winery’s crown and the place where many of Summerhill’s wines are aged. It is thought that the aging of good wines in the ‘sacred geometry’ of the pyramid has a positive, flavour-enhancing affect on them (tastings conducted in the pyramid revealed that 9 of 10 tasters preferred pyramid-aged wines).

During the tour of the cellar, which somewhat resembled a séance, we were informed that the pyramid could also strengthen one’s life-force. At the very least, the carefully constructed building keeps the wines at a cool temperature (11º-15º C) and provides welcome relief from the hot Okanagan sun outside.


Summerhill derives its grapes from 45 acres of organic vineyard as well as from growers up and down the valley. The winery gained early attention for its sparkling wines, particularly the Cipes Brut, which has won awards internationally against sparkling wines from Champagne. The winery tour includes an explanation of the sparkling wine vinification process. There are several lines of Summerhill wines, including Pyramid wines, Star Galaxy, Summerhill Organic, Enchanted Vines (featuring folklore artwork and organic grapes) and Summerhill Estate.

Summerhill currently produces an array of wines too wide to list in its entirety. We have included a selection of some of its best-sellers:

Cipes Brut N/V

Pyramid Ehrenfelser (quite popular according to tasting staff)

Pyramid Gewürztraminer

Pyramid Cabernet Franc

Organic Pinot Blanc

Organic Gewürztraminer

Late Harvest Riesling

Riesling Icewine

Notes on Tastings:

Summerhill has a well-equipped tasting room with a long tasting bar. Some staff members are fluent in Cantonese or Mandarin. The winery is often very busy in the summer, sometimes with several tour busses passing through at a time. Up to four wines can be tasted free of charge.

Last Word:

Did we feel the Pyramid’s energy?- Perhaps. We recommend that you visit this winery and see for yourself.