June 22, 2024

A lot of people would like to make money the conventional way online but we don’t have all it takes to succeed and that is some what a bit of a challenge to some of us; we all read internet marketing books, attend seminars and even outsource some of those dead simple skills you can do on your own online. But dear friend if you want to succeed online in Nigeria or any where on the globe there are things you must do so as to succeed online. If you do those things I bet you success is sure yours.

So what are those things you must do to succeed online here or any where on the planet

Here are some of the things I have applied and used for my online business and I believe can help you achieve

1. Do all You can to have a Website:

Do all you can to have your name on the World Wide Web; so many people feel they can achieve online without a website of their own, your dead wrong friend. Having your own website will give you credibility and sense of belonging online when people talk about your business, they can always refer others to your website and this brings about trust to the online community.
Now when I mean your very own site I don’t mean the conventional methods of having a Blog site no that is not enough or a site on free servers, your website is your own identity on the web as such it should be seen as a sacred place so that people can come online to feel what they want. In setting up a website cost seems to be not of a problem, total web hosting packages goes for less than N4, 000. You can also design your site with simple templates just do a search and your done.

2. You must have your own product

Believe or not if you don’t have a product of your own then you are definitely not going far online, the secrets to being a success online lies in you having your own product(s). by product I mean on any thing you feel people might be of need take for instance Information products on “How To” . Imagine you having a niche product like “How to be a better snail farmer”, or even on “how to be a better gardener” placing ads on major publications and writing articles on those niche products.

You can even conduct interviews with experts in your field and convert them into manuals and sell, if you don’t have the patience in writing your own Information product you can also buy private label rights and have your product online in no time. Another good way of making money is by setting up blogs, article submission sites and forums I run and maintain one of such.

3. You must promote your offers and offer something free:

Friend this is the rule I have used to serve my public and succeed online, the truth is you are not the only one doing this form of business, there are countless of products and billions of websites all fighting for the same customers and you have to bring out something unique and different that will make people die for your offers. You have to generate that traffic and in doing so there are several ways of building up traffic, one of such ways that I have used and applied to writing on forums/discussion boards on article sites and even using offline methods by writing on popular news prints.

4. You must have your own list

My dear friend this rule is the almighty you must use and abide to, the is an old internet saying “the money is in the list” yes that is right many people come to your site without the intention of buying your products the first time, there fore they has to be a way of getting to have them around and that is the use of their email address and first name.

Now there are programs that can grab the first name and emails of your prospects which is called an autoresponder which makes it possible for you to contact them with the aid of the database
To be honest with you building a mailing list has been the mail reason I have survived in my business and like wise other Internet gurus, if you try to build your list then you are sure to succeed online as well

Try to apply this simple yet effective steps in achieving your online business and make it big legitimately.