July 15, 2024
Take an Expedition to Belize!

Let’s Go To Belize – A Vacation Wonderland!

Once upon a time Belize was hidden, Belize was unknown, Belize was a mystery. Compared to other destinations Belize is still a tropical wonderland; Mother Nature herself has crafted this land of contrasts. In the minds of newlyweds Belize conjures up visions of romance and idyllic locations: in the minds of back-packers (adventure seekers) Belize conjures up visions of verdant jungle and lush bush. Belize has a secret place for everyone. Here’s what I like about a trip to Belize , access by land, sea and air is just so easy, hassle free and drama free. One of the most encouraging aspects of a Belize trip is its easy accessibility by air, land and sea. Once you get into the country you find out how cheap the country is and how close the country is – in terms of weekend trips and short excursions.

Getting to Belize from anywhere in North America is fast, easy and convenient with scheduled services for buses, flight and cruise ships. If you own a boat or can borrow a boat you can come down the Caribbean Sea and enjoy the outlying islands before you reach the shores of Belize . If you’re in North and Central America and you want to go to Belize by road is even easier: jump on a luxury bus or hire a car and have yourself a road trip. There are three airlines that handle flights (American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways) from Houston, Miami, Dallas and Charlotte.

Good planning is the key to a successful trip – and for a treasure trove like Belize , most prized destinations could be right around the corner. The first is for those who want to absolutely indulge. Visualize yourself in a luxury spa in a jungle lodge in Cayo. If a vacation means open air spa and relaxing in the lap of luxury, then a luxury jungle lodge in Cayo may be the best option for you. If you like a spa setting (steam, sauna, and massage) what you need is a jungle lodge in Caye.

Hopping around Belize is simple for even the most conservative tourists – with the option of car rental, taxi and buses ferrying at regular intervals. The buses work well, the car rental companies work well and the water ferries work well. If you are taking a longer vacation you can take a bus or plane. Some visitors have rented bikes at reasonable cost and enjoyed Belize on two wheels. The cost of hiring a bicycle is reasonable. Sometimes time is short so you may choose to fly with the local airline: some people however prefer to take the bus because it allows you to see some of the cultural heritage. The water ferries and taxis are very popular with frequent visitors as it allows them to get closer to the heart of Belize especially the waterways and inlets.

Tourist season runs from December through to June. Rainy season runs from June to November. December to May is the best time to visit Belize to experience the cooler milder weather. Belize is one of those places that when you arrive you can instantly feel the warmth of the people; you feel protected and cared for. I especially love the character of the Belizean people because they are convivial and pleasant. This is a key reason why guests to Belize buy real estate. You can go to a place like Long Caye where the fishing is exquisite the beaches are “to die for” and you will find that a lot of the real estate there is being purchased by foreigners. Regardless of their visit to Belize returnees have a longing to return and always wish they could have stayed longer. Viva Belize!